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Design A Lifestyle For The Body You Want

Design A Lifestyle For The Body You Want

November 19, 2021 3 min read

Design A Lifestyle For The Body You Want

Got a physique goal? Whether you want to be ripped, lean, athletic, a unit (or anywhere between) it all starts with your lifestyle. Getting a great body doesn’t just happen. It’s the result of small but significant decisions made consistently over time. And it all starts with a promise to yourself. Ready to design your lifestyle to get the body you want?

9 lifestyle habits that build a body

Eating the right amount

Whether you want to gain muscle or lose fat (or both) you need to get your calories in order. Start paying attention to how much you’re eating – both in terms of calories, portion sizes, and frequency. If your snacking habit is out of control, bring some consistency to your daily eats.

Cook for yourself

Learning to plan, shop for, prep and cook healthy foods for yourself is key to getting and maintaining a great body. This skill will help you eat a healthier diet with more micronutrients, more wholefoods, and more control over calories. It will also set you up with a fridge and freezer full of ingredients and meals so you can build consistency into your diet. Reduce the number of takeaways and late-night grocery store trips!

Drink less

Alcohol, that is. We don’t know many people with great bodies who also drink a lot. You don’t need to be tee-total to have a good physique (although there are health benefits to that decision). But definitely cut down if you’re someone who drinks during the week or gets on it at weekends. Alcohol disrupts sleep quality, impacts recovery, increases cortisol, messes with muscle protein synthesis, and adds unnecessary calories to your diet.

Get active early

People with great bodies tend to get moving in the morning. This might mean training, but it could just mean an outdoor walk or mobility session. Once you start the day with movement you begin to prioritise your body, and start a cascade of healthier decisions throughout the day.

Vary your training

Maintaining a healthy body means going beyond the beginner phase of training and entering a lifelong phase where activity is part of daily life. Start discovering different ways to move your body so you stay active regardless of your goal.
Train with intensity

One thing that sets sporty people apart is the quality of their training. Lots of people could show up at the gym 4-5 times a week, but how good are those training sessions? Start training with focus and intensity, increasing the stimulus of your workouts to change your physique.

Declutter to clear your mind

Getting a great body means focusing on your goal, day in day out for a long time. That’s why we’re talking about lifestyle habits, not quick fixes. It might sound strange, but having a tidy home, desk, office, car and wardrobe can actually help you adopt the focused mindset you need.

Limit screen time

Phones and on-demand TV are great, but consider cutting down on your screen time in pursuit of a better body. Not only is screen time sedentary, but it can also lead to other detrimental habits like mindless eating, snacking, and staying up too late.

Get 7-9 hours sleep

And that leads us to our final point. People with strong, healthy, lean bodies get plenty of quality sleep. Aim for 7 hours (at least) and work backwards from your wake up time. Get serious about going to bed on time. Make your bedroom dark and calm, eliminating lights from outside (and from electronics). And leave your phone outside the bedroom – it’s a game changer.

How to get started

  • Set good goals that are realistic, specific, and personal to you
  • Focus on building a body that moves functionally for daily life
  • Build a foundation of cardiovascular fitness, healthy eating, and good habits
  • Put together a 4-week plan you can stick to
  • Then change one variable at a time to build your healthy habits