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Grade B Gravity Fitness Skipping Jump rope

Limited Warehouse deals during lock down! Items may have damaged boxes and or marks and scratches but have been tested in house to ensure all products work as they should.
    • CNC Gravity Branded Aluminium handles
    • Ball bearing swivel to ensure a tangle free skipping
    • PVC protected coated steel cable for superior longevity
    • Dimensions; 3 Metre Cable, 2.6mm Cable with 15cm handles
    • Fully Adjustable, just loosen the screws and set desired length
  • Gravity Fitness goes OG with its latest edition to the Gravity range, the immortal skipping rope.

    The ultimate in plyometric workouts, skipping brings a vast array of benefits, including improved cardiovascular health, concentration, coordination, bone strength, and lung function. Skipping for 30 minutes per day can also improve mental health and cognitive function. 

    A 3-metre robust cable of 2.6mm diameter, and 15cm handles, this highly portable, super fun, uniquely beneficial and simple bit of kit will enable you to workout anytime, anywhere. Enjoy the versatility of this product with a range of workouts from endurance-building low intensity cardio to fat-busting HIIT sessions – the only limit is your imagination!

    Manufactured to the highest quality, complete with CVC Gravity branded aluminium handles, the Gravity Fitness skipping jump rope is fully and easily adjustable (just loosen the screws and set your desired length). The ball bearing swivel ensures tangles are a thing of the past, enabling you to enjoy a fuss-free workout, whilst the PVC protected coated steel cable offers superior longevity, making it suitable for commercial gym as well as home use. 

    An ideal lower impact cardio workout alternative to running, skipping for ten minutes is as beneficial to your fitness gainz as running a mile in eight minutes! Perfect for use as a standalone workout or as part of a circuit. Get ready for overall body fitness you’ve never experienced before with the Gravity Fitness jump rope!

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  • Are skipping ropes good for weight loss

    Skipping is a very efficient form of cardio vascular fitness and will increase calorie burn significantly and can be a lot more fun than spending hours on a treadmill. Skipping also requires coordination which is why it is used by many boxers. Skipping help to build stamina, increase shoulder mobility, build endurance and tighten your core.

    Are all skipping ropes the same

    There are three main kinds of skipping ropes. You have a basic skipping rope, ideal for beginners with a slightly thicker rope. Speed skipping ropes, these are lightweight and often have ball bearings in the handle to increase speed efficiency. Weighted skipping ropes, have a weighted cable to increase shoulder and arm workload.

    Are skipping ropes a good exercise

    Skipping is one of the best HIIT cardio exercises there is. Research suggests that 10 minutes of skipping is the equivalent of jogging for 30 minutes. Skipping also works the entire body and requires coordination making it great for burning fat, increasing muscle tone, increasing fitness and ensurance.

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