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How to use steel mace fitness equipment for injury rehab

How to use steel mace fitness equipment for injury rehab

May 02, 2024 3 min read

How to use steel mace fitness equipment for injury rehab

Steel maces (macebells) are an amazing piece of fitness equipment for building bulletproof joints. Here’s how to use your steel mace for injury prevention and rehab.


What are steel mace macebells?

Steel maces or macebells are a modern fitness tool based on an ancient design that can be traced back to ancient India. Today’s steel maces are used by people of all ages to build strength and stability. As we’ll discover in this blog post, macebells are particular good for building rotational strength and supporting joint health. That’s why many people are starting to use steel maces in their injury rehab journey. 

Steel maces are long metal clubs with a round weighted head at one end. They come in various weights (ours range from 4kg-12kg) so you can use the appropriate weight and build up as you get stronger.


What is different about steel mace macebells? 

Unlike most gym equipment, steel maces have their weight distributed unevenly (this is why they’re sometimes called an “unconventional training tool”). The design lends itself to movement-based exercises like swings and rotations. And the weight at one end of the handle challenges the body’s stabiliser muscles, balance, co-ordination, and functional strength.


Who are steel mace exercises good for?

Steel maces or macebells are a truly versatile functional training tool that can benefit anyone regardless of age, training level, or strength. We typically see them used by people whose sports or jobs require a lot of shoulder strength (swimmers, golfers, calisthenics athletes) or who need to be rotationally strong through the hips and torso.

The truth is, anyone could benefit from adding macebell exercises into their training routine, physio rehab, or injury prevention. A few minutes with even the lightest macebell goes a very long way to building bulletproof joints.


Are steel maces good for injury rehab? 

Steel maces can be incredibly effective for injury rehab, and lots of physiotherapists use them as part of rehab. Using a steel maces makes it easier to mimic real-life movements like twisting and rotation, whilst building strength and joint stability. 

  • Start light - choose a light steel mace and focus on proper form and technique.
  • Range of motion – do exercises that promote full range of motion to focus on mobility and flexibility while strengthening supporting muscles.
  • Balance and stability – choose exercises that challenge your balance and stability as well as building strength, as these are important for injury prevention and recovery.
  • Work with a professional – using a steel mace is simple but that doesn’t’ mean it is easy. If you’re recovering from injury or want to strengthen your body against future injury, work with a physio or personal trainer who can show you the best steel mace exercises for rehab and strength.


Are steel maces good for strength and injury prevention?

You don’t have to be recovering from a musculoskeletal injury to benefit from using a steel mace. They’re also great for reducing the risk of future injuries, especially in complex joints like the shoulder. 

Functional movements – choose exercises that replicate real-life movements and engage multiple muscle groups – like swings, twists, and full body exercises. This helps strengthen the body as an integral unit.

Core strength – most steel mace exercises demand core engagement to maintain control and stability. This will play a role in injury prevention as you build core strength, proprioception, and proper biomechanics. 

Bullet-proofed joints - steel mace training works the smaller stabiliser muscles that can get overlooked with traditional strength training modalities. This helps improve joint stability to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries.


Steel mace exercises for injury rehab

Steel maces are an amazingly versatile and effective tool for strength, injury rehab, and joint health. Take time to learn proper technique and form with a physiotherapist, personal trainer, or functional fitness coach who can show you how to use macebells properly.

Steel mace swings – the fundamental macebell swing targets the shoulders and posterior chain, including the glutes, hamstrings, and lower back.

360* swing – this is a dynamic swing that works the shoulders, core, and upper body.

Off-set press ups – doing press ups with one hand on the steel mace challenges the stability of the shoulder joint.

Single arm rows – do rows with a steel mace (rather than a barbell or dumbbells) to challenge the core and postural muscles.


Where can you buy steel maces or macebells? 

Steel maces are a great tool to have in your home gym or personal workout collection – they are small, portable, and so versatile. Gravity Fitness stocks high quality steel maces “macebells” in 4kg, 6kg, 8kg, 10kg, and 12kg weights with a grippy matte black finish. Check out the collection online.