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Calisthenics and unconventional kit for gym, home, on the go

Calisthenics forms the foundation of strength and movement.

Mastering your own bodyweight is an essential part of being human. Discover beautifully simple movements that you can progress at the gym, at home, in sport, in life. There’s no end to your calisthenics journey.

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Best-selling calisthenics and unconventional equipment for every body

Our training tools are for everybody and every body, from total beginner to elite athlete.

Master your body in the ways it has been meant to move since the dawn of time. Strong, balanced, powerful.


Build strength and master skills with the Gravity Fitness app

Learn from the world’s best calisthenics coaches. 100s of individual workouts, progressive programs, or skills masterclasses. Filter by goal, equipment, or level. The only calisthenics app you’ll ever need.

Our mission is movement mastery for Every Body

It’s simple. Everybody has a body – and all bodies should move more often. We develop the resources and equipment to get more people moving. Wherever, whenever, and however they want.

Let’s create a world where people strengthen their weaknesses and fulfill their potential.