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Music You’ve Never Heard of for the Perfect Workout Playlist

Music You’ve Never Heard of for the Perfect Workout Playlist

June 05, 2024 3 min read

Music enhances every experience, especially exercise. After all it’s been scientifically proven that listening to music while working out can actually increase an individual’s performance. For example, when Hugh Jackman was training for his role as Wolverine, he could deadlift an additional 35lbs when listening to heavy metal. There’s clearly something happening on a subconscious level that pushes us to exceed our personal best as soon as we listen to those beats. So, you’ve got the calisthenics kit, you’ve got the time for your scheduled workout, now let’s look at some must-have artists and tunes to have on your playlist.

The Siege

With their distinctive hip-hop style, The Siege grabs people’s attention and barrages them with the strong message of positivity that can help overcome negative thoughts and promote healthy perspectives on life…aggressively. Ultimately, the duo is driven to create musical experiences that can motivate and inspire people to reach their fullest potential and not be constrained by the limits the world tries to impose.

Featuring on many workout playlists and as inspirational scores in TV series “Cloak & Dagger” tracks like “Arise”, “I am Defiant” and “Die in This Town” are the perfect accompaniment to intensive workouts, so turn them up and push yourself to the limit.

Cinematic Pop

If hip-hop isn’t your style and you like something more inspirational then Cinematic Pop are a fantastic uplifting group of artists who take all your modern favourites and make them epic with the power of a full orchestra and choir. The classical crossover can lift the spirits when motivation is fleeting, and you need that extra help to get inspired.

With covers including “Everyone Wants to Rule The World”, “Titanium” and “Fix You” it will feel like your listening to the soundtrack to a movie about your life.


And now for something completely different…from the electro mastermind of Kavinsky. You may recognise some of these tunes from the film “Drive” and the retro electronic beats are perfect for those Miami Vice fans. This artist’s style is a runner’s dream, so don the weighted vest and run into the night. Neon joggers and wraparound sunglasses are optional of course!

The alter ego of French DJ Vincent Belorgey, Kavinsky's blend of influences such as French house, 16-bit video games, and especially '80s synth soundtracks helping to give rise to the synthwave movement -- the title of his 2013 album, OutRun, is perfect for cardio with it’s heavy beats, slappy bass and face-melting synth.

The Glitch Mob

Keeping within the theme of synth, the Glitch Mob offer a more grungy take on the genre and are leaders of the glitch rock movement. Their fast beats and mixed samples are another great accompaniment to a vigorous cardio workout. The Glitch Mob, comprised of Ed Ma (edIT) and Josh Mayer (Ooah) continue forward in 2023. Based in Los Angeles, they came together around 2006, through a mutual love of underground rave culture.

Fast paces tracks such as “Mind of a Beast” and “Our Demons” can be found on their 2014 album “Love Death Immortality”, but also have some fantastic earlier work from their album “Drink the Sea”.

Daft Punk

A workout playlist would never be complete without this legendary duo and where we have some classics from their album “Discovery” I have a particular fondness for the score they composed for the movie Tron. Whatever your thoughts are on this movie, I think we can all agree that the absolute bangers made it more memorable. Tracks like “Derezzed” and “End Titles” are surprisingly good additions to your workout playlist, while the other more laid-back tunes are great for your warm-down.


Now we’re rocking…literally. VUKOVI are Scottish rock band and entered the scene with their first self-titled album in 2017 and although they aren’t as mainstream as other bands, they deserve more recognition for their aggressive punk style, so get them on your playlist and turn them up. Songs like “Animal” and “La Di Da” are great for when you need to get angry and push yourself that little bit further.

So hopefully we’ve helped expand your workout playlist and in turn push your workout that little bit further. Perhaps we should do a part 2 for this blog post as there are still loads of great artists out there, but far too many to mention in one article unfortunately!

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