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about us

Movement mastery forlife outside the gym

Pioneers of quality calisthenics and bodyweight kit

Gravity Fitness was created because nothing like it existed. Back in 2012, our founder Rich Hawkins was struggling with shoulder niggles from bodybuilding. He’d always admired calisthenics as the foundation of every type of movement. So he decided to work on his own bodyweight strength.
By 2015, he wanted a set of parallettes. He bought some online – and was shocked by the poor quality (we’re talking plastic pipe material). He sent them back, but couldn’t find anything better. Rich was frustrated - he knew calisthenics was the foundation of true strength and wanted more people to know about it.
That night, he decided to take matters into his own hands. And that’s when he realised he could create quality, fit-for-purpose parallettes at a reasonable price. Our first run of 200 sold out, and now we’ve sold over 100,000 sets. (And, yes, Rich’s shoulder is much better thanks).

We believe in…

Movement for every body
We will never stop making calisthenics accessible and relevant to everybody and every body, from total beginners to advanced athletes.

The power to unlock your potential
Training is about more than mastering cool skills. It’s a daily opportunity to see what your body can do and carry that into daily life.

Bodyweight mastery
Calisthenics and bodyweight training is part strength work, part meditation, an outlet for personal discovery without distractions.

Training on your terms
We’ll keep innovating with quality equipment, digital platforms and training education so you can train how, when, and where you want.