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Gravity Fitness Skipping Jump rope


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Everyone should be able to train how, where and when they want.

We should all be working to master our own bodyweight, no exceptions.

Why choose the Gravity Fitness skipping rope

We know that skipping ropes are a highly personal thing, but we think ours is a contender for your go-to, ride or die rope. Comfortable, tapered aluminium handles, a PVC coated steel cable, and ball-bearing swivel design all make this rope one you’ll want to try. It’s easy to adjust and secures tightly once you’ve got the length spot on. We can’t promise it will instantly impart cool jump rope skills, but we can say it will make practicing them a lot easier.

3 reasons to use the Gravity Fitness skipping jump rope

- Adjustable length that fastens securely

- Ball bearing swivel allows rope to move freely

- PVC coated steel cable

"Really happy with the gear, top quality and prompt service. Fully recommend."