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Grade B Gravity Fitness "Macebells" Steel Mace 4kg - 12kg

8 reviews
These items are brand new and never opened but some of them may have a manufacturing issue and are therefor sold as "Factory Seconds" Please read and understand the descriptions before purchasing. Grade B items may have damaged boxes and or marks and scratches but have been tested in house to ensure all products work as they should.
  • Train like a warrior
  • Designed for Unconventional training
  • Super Heavy Duty Macebells
  • Available in 4kg, 6kg, 8kg, 10kg & 12kg
  • Gravity Fitness laser etched Logo 
  • Grippy Matt Black Finish
  • Lifetime Warranty**
  • 32mm handle 4kg & 6kg
  • 40mm Handle 8kg, 10 & 12kg

Introducing the Gravity Fitness “Macebells” steel mace collection. Think outside the box and switch up your workout routine by utilising unconventional training techniques courtesy of Gravity’s latest addition.

These alternative steel maces challenge you in unexpected ways allowing you to train like a warrior! The uneven weight distribution forces you to recruit muscles you didn’t know existed, while you consistently adjust your stance and counterbalance with every movement.

Available in a range of weights: 4kg, 6kg, 8kg, 10kg and 12kg. Leave your ego at the door with these weapons, a lighter load that you might normally be accustomed to is guaranteed to test you in ways you simply can’t experience with conventional equipment.

Ideal for anyone looking for a fresh challenge to switch up the usual suspects in your workout arsenal. The perfect aid to your calisthenics regimen, CrossFit, bodybuilding, resistance training, cardio, gym sessions or anyone looking to get in the best shape of your life!

Built with the supreme quality you expect from the entire Gravity Fitness range, this diverse bit of kit is super heavy duty to withstand the most brutal of workouts and is finished in a grippy matt black surface. Backed by the Gravity lifetime warranty*

Incorporate the Macebells steel mace range into your fitness routine to fire up the core and engage your stabiliser muscles like never before.

*Please refer to our warranty page 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
David Williams
Excellent Quality and Value

The 10Kg Macebell I ordered was delivered promptly. The box it came in was a bit battered. But the Macebell was in immaculate condition. The Macebell is extremely well made, real quality finish - I think this will last a lifetime. The handle is the perfect diameter and has a grippy finish. This will provide a brilliant alternative workout. Really tests your grip and core and balance. Although I went for what I thought was an easy 10Kg, because of the strange weight distribution I find it incredibly challenging at the moment. This will take me a while to master - but my strength and fitness and also mobility is really going to benefit from the challenge. I highly recommend one of these.

David Fitzgerald
So impressed I bought some more

Item was exactly as described. I bought a pre-used macebell that had been returned by the previous recipient. Item was very accurately described and other than a few scuff marks on it is in perfect condition and should give me a lifetime of service. Excellent workout tool to add to my kettlebell workouts. Be aware that due to the leverage involved what you think is a light weight is a really tough workout with a macebell. I've been so impressed I bought another macebell from Gravity Fitness.

Jorge Jesus
Excellent piece of equipment

Extremely well made will give your functional workouts a new dimension.

Jorge Jesus
Excellent piece of equipment

The equipment is perfect, well conceived and allows for a very different and hard workout.
12 kg only for those used to handle heavy weights and even so, it's hard.
Don't forget to use pulse straps.

Stuart Rae
Great bit of functional kit but....

... packaging for such a heavy-duty item very inadequate and so this plus a few steel clubs turned up in grade b condition. I still wanted them and so kept but customers do expect items to turn up as new...so please review your packing process