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Gravity Fitness Travellettes Small Parallettes


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Everyone should be able to train how, where and when they want.

We should all be working to master our own bodyweight, no exceptions.

Why choose Gravity Fitness travellettes small parallettes

Our travellettes small parallettes are long and low, inspired by gymnastics. This makes them ideal for handstand work and planche practice. The design is portable but is no less stable because of that - we’ve combined the strength of fully-welded steel with the anti-slip comfort of wooden handles.

The Gravity app contains workouts, programs and skills sessions that use our travelletes or small parallettes. Get your free 30-day trial with any Gravity Fitness purchase or read the app page for more.

3 reasons to use Gravity Fitness travellettes small parallettes

- Designed to be portable - small enough to fit in a bag

- Wooden handles for superior comfort and grip

- Gymnastics-inspired design for handstands and planches

Medium Pro Hybrid Parallettes

All videos are taken from the Gravity Fitness Calisthenics App, to see the full workouts, skills and programs download the app https://www.gravityfitness.app

"These push-up parallettes or travel parallettes are fantastic. If you travel often or simple like to change environment quite often while exercising, then these parallettes are a great investment."