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Having staked its claim in the calisthenic world, Gravity Fitness quickly became synonymous with great quality, durable products that were so robust that they were suitable not only for home use but more than apt for gyms too.

Since its launch in 2015, the exponential growth of the Gravity Fitness product range soon caught the eye of many prominent commercial establishments who were eager to stock the Gravity range. Gravity Fitness began fitting out many gyms and CrossFit boxes nationwide and started catering to the commercial market by developing the Gravity Fitness Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar, in order to offer a fixed pull-up bar solution. Gyms and CrossFit boxes across Europe quickly became hooked on the commercial grade quality provided at home gym prices!

Gravity Fitness has an extensive product range to cater for all manner of calisthenics exercises and enthusiasts. Aside from the iconic Gravity Fitness parallette it has also developed the Gravity Fitness Portable Bodyweight & Pull-Up Rack, Gravity Fitness Resistance Bands, Gravity Fitness Heavy Duty Mounted Pull-Up Bar, Gravity Fitness Plyometric Jump Box, Gravity Fitness Power Tower, Gravity Fitness Wooden Gymnastic Rings and bags and apparel.

Gravity Fitness are so confident of their product’s materials and build quality that they offer some unrivalled warranty options not only for home use but also to commercial outlets. Their flagship product; Europe’s best selling parallette range for example, comes with a lifetime warranty against material workmanship or defects.

The calisthenic world are now demanding quality goods from a brand they can relate to. The phenomenal reception of the Gravity Fitness range within the calisthenics community has caused gyms to stand up and take notice, not only as a result of the increasing goodwill from loyal satisfied customers but from Gravity’s snowballing brand recognition that is quickly evoking a cult following.

Gravity Fitness products are ideal for anyone with a passion for CrossFit, gymnastics, street workouts, calisthenics, resistance training, weight loss, or simply someone wanting to gain some functional strength or improve their physique. In fact, you can now find Gravity Fitness products in a wide array of commercial establishments; from hardcore spit-and-sawdust bodybuilding gyms through to CrossFit boxes and boutique members only clubs. Regardless of their status, they can all agree that Gravity Fitness is the brand to best serve their customers calisthenics needs.