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March 14, 2024 2 min read

Great places to train – Survival Fitness, Leicester

Calisthenics is an amazing way to train for kids as well as for adults. And Survival Fitness in Leicester city centre is getting the calisthenics message out there – starting with kids aged 3! We’re proud to support Survival Fitness with their kids and adults calisthenics gym.


Survival Fitness calisthenics gym in Leicester

Survival Fitness has always championed calisthenics, right back to when they started as outdoor training classes in a local park. These days, Survival Fitness is a large indoor space in Leicester, offering calisthenics-focused classes and group sessions to kids and adults. 

Survival Fitness is also home to the UK’s first child calisthenics competition, and they will soon have a children’s fitness app. As you can tell, their aim is to bring the benefits of calisthenics to children and adults, so more people can experience all the benefits.

“Our goal is to help as many people as possible learn how to move their bodies correctly and increase their strength and flexibility,” said Head Coach Dina. “We know that calisthenics and bodyweight training is a great way to have a healthier and more active lifestyle at all ages.”


Why we support Survival Fitness, Leicester

We just love Survival Fitness’s dedication to getting the calisthenics message out there. Their focus on kids – via classes, competitions, summer camp, and work with schools and nurseries – is really inspiring. 

We firmly believe calisthenics is for every body and everybody, and Survival Fitness is living that ethos through their coaching, teaching, and outreach work.

We are proud to support Survival Fitness with plenty of Gravity Fitness equipment. Their large, roomy calisthenics space has an amazing amount of calisthenics and strength equipment, including a huge rig, loads of gymnastics rings, all sizes of Gravity Fitness parallettes, plus strength kit including dumbbells, barbells, and plates.


Does Survival Fitness gym in Leicester offer classes?

Survival Fitness offers calisthenics classes and fitness for children, and calisthenics and strength training for adults. The children’s classes are 12-week blocks of 90-minute classes, suitable for kids aged 3-14. Classes are structured around strength, fitness, and mobility and teaching children fundamental knowledge about being active and healthy. They work through the Survival Fitness grading system – there are 7 grades, each with 4 areas of focus.

Adult classes are 60 minutes each – 30 minutes compound movements with barbells and dumbbells, 30 minutes bodyweight and calisthenics skills. There’s also Adult Bootcamp classes which are an hour of full body bodyweight and weighted exercise following a HIIT style.


How do you join Survival Fitness, Leicester

Sign up to any of Survival Fitness’s classes via their website. For kids classes, the first class is a trial and then you need to book in 12-week blocks. Adult classes and bootcamps are bookable per class.


How to get to Survival Fitness Leicester calisthenics gym

Survival Fitness in in Leicester City Centre, postcode LE1 1LB – there’s plenty of free parking.

In this blog series, we profile great places to train that have a calisthenics focus. Got a great calisthenics gym for us to feature? Get in touch to tell us all about it.