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April 21, 2023 3 min read

Would these workouts build a Greek God body?

Build the physique of a Greek god with functional training that’s stood the test of time.

What is a Greek god physique?

Ancient Greece is famous as the birthplace of sport and the origins of calisthenics. We refer to the body of a Greek god to mean a physique that’s strong, balanced, lean and athletic but not over complicated. The question is, how should you train and eat to get as close to a Greek god body as your genetics will allow?

5 features of a Greek god body

Balanced physique – top to bottom, with no overpowering body parts

Broad shoulders – lean, wide shoulders with an athletic look

Deep, developed back – distinctive muscle density and separation

Tapered waist – a V-taper with muscled abs and obliques

Big legs and calves –balanced quads, hamstrings and calves


How to train for the body of a Greek god

To get the body of a Greek god, you need to build balanced body proportions and a rugged kind of depth to your muscle. This look isn’t about being shredded or ripped. It’s about building a big, lived-in body that looks like it could take on any physical challenge.

Functional workouts and unconventional training styles are great for building a Greek god look to your physique. Traditional barbell and weights machines can play a part – usually to fill-in smaller muscle groups and balance out the whole look. But your Greek god workouts should centre around gymnastics, calisthenics, loaded carries and odd objects like sandbags, atlas stones, and sleds.


10 exercises worthy of a Greek god workout

    1. Pull Ups & Weighted pull ups

      Pull ups are widely regarded as the holy grail of back builders. Take your pull ups to the next level by adding weight with a dipping belt. It’s no surprise that heavy pull ups will build serious mass throughout the upper body, especially in the lats and rhomboids.

    2. Dips & Weighted Dips

      Dips are one of the best upper body push exercises in existence and have stood the test of time, building the triceps, chest, front delts and even the rhomboid muscles in your back. Add weight with a dipping belt to build even more strength and size.

    3. Hollow body holds

      An often under utilised exercise which will build a rock solid and functional core. A strong core is an essential component of the Greek god body.

    4. Hanging Leg Raises

      Another fundamental exercise in building a strong and define core to give you that Greek god body. Not only will this exercise build rock solid abs both visibly and internally, you will also build god like grip strength at the same time.

    5. Farmers walks

      Any kind of weighted walk or carry will build rugged traps and serious back density as well as build leg thickness and strength. Load up a set of farmers handles, or use heavy kettlebells to walk at least 25m for reps.

    6. Sandbag carry and load

      Sandbags are an amazing odd-object training tool that you can use for squats, lunges, cleans, overhead press – pretty much anything. We suggest you take your sandbag for a walk, by doing a carry and load-to-platform challenge with a heavy bag.

    7. Shuttle Runs & Plyometric Training

      The Greeks where not only muscular and strong, they were also fast an agile. Their physiques weren’t there for “show” these guys where absolute machines. Whilst you could build a Greek looking body without being physically fit it wouldn’t be a true Greek God Physique.

    8. Bodyweight or Weighted Squats

      Another key component to the Greek God body is thick and strong legs. Squats are another fundamental exercise that has stood the test of time. However there is more to squats that just weight back squats, try bodyweight squats, pistol squats, sissy squats for better leg development and strength.

    9. Handstand Push ups

      Want big shoulders like a Greek god? Being able to push your bodyweight up in the handstand position is a true measure of strength and will build boulder like shoulders in no time. Haven’t got the handstand fully locked in yet? Use a wall.

    10. Mace & Indian Club Training

      The Spartans and the Greeks often trained for hours with swords and shields to build their fighting prowess. Most of us don’t have any swords in the garage but Macebells and Indian Clubs are a great way to workout in the same way. This way of training, we believe is a key component to strong and functional shoulders.

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