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November 24, 2020 2 min read

Stuck working out at home? Here’s how to design a home workout that ticks all the boxes every time.


Are you getting bored of lockdown workouts by now? There’s no excuse – the combination of sessions you can come up with is endless (even if you’re just using body weight).


Here’s our favourite approach to designing a killer home workout that hits all the important movement patterns and muscle groups every time.


The elements

You’re going to include some pulling/rowing, some pushing/pressing, some legs/lower body, and some cardio/conditioning in each workout.


The ratios

50% lower body/legs

30% pull/row

20% push/press

Then at least 10 minutes worth of cardio or conditioning work.


The easiest way to design your session – at least to begin with – is by breaking down the reps into roughly this ratio. So a 300 rep workout would have 150 reps of lower body, 50 reps pressing work, and 100 reps pulling. It’s not an exact science, but if you stick to these ratios you’ll get a good all-over workout that you can feel working.


Why it works

This full-body approach to home workouts means nothing gets left out. Let’s be honest, when you’re training at home with little accountability, it’s easy to do your favourite moves and work your strongest body parts. Which is all fun and games until you realise your shoulders have taken over and your posterior chain has left the building.


This approach splits any workout into roughly proportionate blocks and adds some all-important CV work for the heart and general health. Admit it, you like to get a good sweat going.


Example sessions

10 rounds for time:

5 pull ups

10 press ups

15 goblet squats

+ 1 mile run to finish the workout


5 rounds for time:

10 renegade row

20 overhead press

30 weighted lunges

+ 10 mins skipping


Stuck for ideas?


Choose your pull/row, push/press, legs and CV from our handy lists. Mix it up, work hard, enjoy!


Pull/row variations

Pull up

Chin up

Ring pull up

Inverted row

Towel row

Renegade row

Bent over row

Rope climb


Push/press variations

Press up

Close grip press up

Handstand push up


Overhead press

Push press


Lower body variations

Air squats

Goblet squats

Weighted lunges

Walking lunges

Split squats


Conditioning work variations



Box jumps

Weighted step overs



Ball slams


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