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Best fitness equipment for your home calisthenics gym

Best fitness equipment for your home calisthenics gym

March 07, 2023 3 min read

Best fitness equipment for your home calisthenics gym

Choose the best equipment for your calisthenics home gym or functional fitness space

Calisthenics equipment is the most cost-effective and versatile fitness kit around. With just a few pieces of calisthenics kit, you can design a home gym space for a vast range of full body functional workouts.

How to choose fitness equipment for calisthenics home gym

 If you’ve got space for a home gym, you’ll want to choose equipment that gives the most bang for your buck. This doesn’t just mean good quality at great prices. It means selecting pieces of equipment that are multi-functional.

 If your main form of training is calisthenics, you’ll obviously want to prioritise equipment that allows you to work on pull ups, muscle ups, planche, and other key calisthenics movements.

 But even if your main focus is bodybuilding, Olympic lifting, cardio or functional training, it’s worth putting some core pieces of calisthenics kit in your home gym. Calisthenics movements underpin every style of training.

 Space-saving calisthenics equipment for small gyms

Calisthenics equipment tends to be small and multi-functional, which makes it ideal for home gyms. It won’t take up much space, and can easily be packed away of moved around. Much more practical than a treadmill or cable machine!

 Best pieces of equipment for a calisthenics home gym

To cover all bases, think about investing in calisthenics equipment that allows you to do major movement patterns: squat, hip hinge, lunge, press, horizontal and vertical push, and horizontal and vertical pull.

 Top 9 calisthenics equipment for home gym

 Pull up rack

 Our Portable Pull Up Rack is a best-seller for a reason. It’s multiple pieces of equipment in one. You can adjust the height, layout, and set up to do pull ups, dips, press ups, holds, planches and lots more – on just one piece of equipment. For a small home gym or functional fitness space, this is a great option.

 Wall mounted pull up bar

 A wall mounted pull up bar will barely take up any space, but allows you to work on pull ups, dead hangs, leg raises and more. A great choice for a garage gym or for fixing onto the outside of your house so you can work on calisthenics in the garden.

 Wooden gymnastics rings

Good quality gymnastics rings last forever and pair perfectly with your pull up bar or rig. Use them to work on dips, rows, ring muscle ups, or for pull up progressions.


Parallettes are a classic bit of calisthenics kit. Use them for press ups, L-sits, planche work and even for stepping on to do rig work. We sell two heights of parallettes – medium Pro parallettes which are 30cm high and XL Pro parallettes which are 80cm high. Both make a great addition to your home gym. 

Resistance bands

Resistance bands are a no-brainer for a calisthenics home gym. Use them for mobility work, assisted pull ups, for learning muscle ups and so much more. A tiny piece of kit that does so much. Ours come in a set of 4 ranging from big green through to thin red – everything you need.

 Weighted vest

A weighted vest isn’t a calisthenics tool as such, but it’s a great addition to any home gym. Once you get proficient at bodyweight movements like squats, lunges, pull ups and push ups, add a weighted vest to introduce load and make your body work harder.

 Skipping rope

Again, not a calisthenics tool as such, but a great space-saving way to work on your conditioning. Add in a few minutes of skipping to challenge your CV fitness before or after your calisthenics work.

Gymnastics grips

A good pair of grips helps you train for longer without destroying your hands. There are lots of styles of grips on the market, but we like these palm-style grips that can be turned around onto the back of your hand if you want to switch between rig work and other exercises.

We specialise in great-quality calisthenics and functional fitness equipment that’s ideal for home gyms. Check out the full collection here to find what you need for your calisthenics home gym.