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Equipment Spotlight: Dip Belt

Equipment Spotlight: Dip Belt

June 15, 2023 3 min read

Equipment Spotlight: Dip Belt

Here at Gravity Fitness, we pride ourselves on being the best of the best. We strive to make the best equipment, the most functional equipment and the most versatile equipment to suit a huge range of demands and customers. And our Dip Belt is no exception.

A standard Dip Belt is designed to add weight plates for dips. It is attached around the waist and fastened with a low hanging chain across the front, allowing the ability to stack weight plates that will hang in between your legs allowing you to add weight to the dip exercise. A traditional Dip Belt will do the job, sure. But, will it also enable you to add weight for pull ups as well? Will it also enable you to use it in Sled work or any heavy drags. Can it also be used as a back support by itself? I’m guessing probably not, and that’s where the Gravity Fitness Dip Belt comes into its own.

Dip Belts in general are a fantastic purchase, and definitely a must have piece of equipment, when it comes to weighted calisthenics, skills, unconventional and functional training. But the Gravity Fitness Dip Belt is a completely different animal.

The Gravity Fitness Dip Belt is super lightweight, meaning during those high stress movements, it won’t interfere with your balance or your alignment meaning you can stay safe and injury free, even under much larger weight.

When you’re choosing a Dip Belt for yourself you want to make sure it’s comfortable, lightweight and that it won’t retain moisture and therefore smell. The Gravity Fitness Dip Belt is made from strong bonded nylon, so moisture and smell won’t be a problem and it won’t be a hassle to have in your gym bag. Plus with fabric based belts to suspend any weight from, the Gravity Fitness Dip Belt will ensure maximum load bearing capabilities and help avoid the uncomfortable feeling of chains around your hips that you get from a traditional Dip Belt.

Flexible sizing is also an important part of that Dip Belt experience as you want to feel secure with extra weight, but not restricted. The Gravity Fitness Dip Belt is fully adjustable so the fit can be as unique as your workouts are. Flexible sizing is also very important for those movements with any heavy drag, as we need slight room to move. The Gravity Fitness Dip Belt thrives in the sledding environment for exactly this reason. The extra room allows us to generate more force and power, making our movements much more effective! 

If you decide to head out to the weights section of your gym, the Gravity Fitness Dip Belt can also be used as a weight belt for that extra lumbar support during those heavier lifts. It’s always good to keep working those fundamentals! This extra lumbar support can help keep that form nice and solid as you will be using the belt as a good feedback mechanism during your reps and lifts.

In summary, the Gravity Fitness Dip Belt is versatile, well built, flexible and lightweight to help you through those powerful movements such as pull ups, dips and sled work. You’ll be able to carry that extra weight with confidence of staying safe, secure and injury free! Let us know your experiences with the Gravity Fitness Dip Belt by tagging us @gravity.fitness and showing us your progress and if you have found any other uses for your Dip Belt! We’d love to see them!