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Full Body Kettlebell Training For Beginners

Full Body Kettlebell Training For Beginners

April 23, 2021 3 min read

Wondering what to do you with your exciting new kettlebell? Look no further…

Kettlebells are one of the oldest functional training tools on the planet. Popular with everyone from beginners to advanced athletes, a simple kettlebell can take care of fat loss, muscle gain, conditioning, and mobility – and it’s a fun form of training!


5 reasons to do kettlebell training

Train power endurance

Whether you want to build muscle mass, increase strength, lose fat (or maybe all three), the concept of increasing “power endurance” should excite you. Power endurance is your body’s ability to sustain fast movements over an extended period of time. Kettlebell training is an amazing way to develop this, because you need to keep the bell moving – you can’t lift kettlebells slowly!


Core strength and stability

The very nature of kettlebell training teaches your body how to build strength around a form of resistance that is constantly moving. Unlike lifting regular weights, where you can stand still and keep your centre of gravity in one place, kettlebells challenge your body with movement. This translates into strong joints and a bullet proof core.


Cardio and conditioning

Kettlebells are a tool that build strength and cardio fitness – at the same time. This is great news for your heart health and fat loss goals. We all need to do some cardio, but traditional cardio machines or long slow fitness sessions aren’t exactly exciting. Kettlebell training ticks the cardio box without you noticing!


Reduce training time

Who has time for a 45 minute strength session and then a dedicated “calorie burning” cardio trudge? Not us. Life is busy, we want fitness kit that cuts down overall training time. Kettlebells are multi use with so many options. Slash your workout time and get better results.


Great for home gyms

One of our favourite things about kettlebells is that they pack so much into such a small piece of kit. Just one kettlebell takes up barely any space, yet you can do strength moves, cardio sessions, conditioning, HIIT and circuits with it. Store it in a corner or under a table – easy.


How to get a great workout with one kettlebell 

Can you really train with just one kettlebell? Yes! Unlike dumbbells, you really don’t need a full rack of different kettlebells going up in small increments. One kettlebell is plenty for a beginners or intermediate workout that builds strength, stimulates muscle, and burns calories.


Try this full-body kettlebell workout

Do this circuit then rest for 2 minutes. Repeat for a total of 3 circuits.

Exercise 1: Russian swing x 12

Exercise 2: goblet squat x 10

Exercise 3: single arm overhead press (left) x 8

Exercise 4: overhead lunge (right leg) x 8

Exercise 3b: single arm overhead press (right) x 8

Exercise 4b: overhead lunge (left leg) x 8

Exercise 5: high swing x 10


How to do the exercises

Russian swing:

- stand with feet wider than hip width. Hold the kettlebell by the handle with both hands. Start standing, hinge at the hips and send the kettlebell back between your legs. Drive the hips forward, bringing the kettlebell out in front of you with straight arms. Think of this as a hip hinge and hip drive, rather than lifting with your arms.


Goblet squat:

- feet hip width, holding the kettlebell “upside down” (with the handle downwards) in both hands at chest height. Squat up and down, holding the kettlebell out in front of you – don’t let it drop down from this position.


Single arm overhead press:

- feet hip with for a stable base. Hold the kettlebell by the handle in one hand and press it from your shoulder to overhead. On your final rep, keep the kettlebell over head and go straight into…


Overhead lunge:

- with the kettlebell overhead, lunge forward with the opposite leg so the knee of the back leg lightly touches the ground. Bring the lunging leg back to standing each rep.


High swing:

- perform a swing as with the Russian swing but use a stronger hip drive to swing the kettlebell high, so it pauses momentarily above your head, with the base of the bell facing the sky.


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