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Great places to train – Calisthenics Basingstoke, Hampshire

Great places to train – Calisthenics Basingstoke, Hampshire

February 12, 2024 3 min read

Great places to train – Calisthenics Basingstoke, Hampshire

Looking for a calisthenics gym in Hampshire where you can get PT, group sessions, workshops, or courses? You’ve got to check out Calisthenics Basingstoke, run by renowned calisthenics coach Woj.


Calisthenics Basingstoke gym in Basingstoke, Hampshire

Calisthenics Basingstoke is a spacious big gym dedicated to helping you learn, practice, and master calisthenics. Owner and head coach Woj and his team focus on strength, fun, and progress - whether you’re a total newbie or an elite calisthenics athlete. Calisthenics Basingstoke is inspired by the success of the Street Workout Poland group, and has been building a community since 2017.


Why we support Calisthenics Basingstoke

We love Calisthenics Basingstoke because it’s a huge space dedicated making calisthenics and bodyweight training accessible to all levels. The guys offer PT, group sessions, and workshops so there are loads of ways to learn. 

The gym provides a great environment to get stronger, learn new skills, and most importantly have fun whilst doing so. There is a strong element of community running through the sessions, workshops, courses, and socials.

“All of our members say they didn’t expect to be able to do things they currently do with ease,” says Coach Woj. “We coach every session and structure the progressions according to personal abilities so everyone achieves more than they thought possible!”


What equipment is there at Calisthenics Basingstoke

Calisthenics Basingstoke is a sizeable calisthenics gym with tons of equipment suitable for beginners, advanced, and elite athletes. There’s Rigs and racks, bars and plates, resistance bands, gymnastics rings, parallettes and boxes. You name it, you’ll find it at Calisthenics Basingstoke.

Whilst the gym is primarily a calisthenics and bodyweight training space, you can definitely also do traditional free weight strength work. There’s enough space for everyone to train by themselves, in 1-to-1 PT, or in a group session.


Does Calisthenics Basingstoke offer group sessions and personal training?

Calisthenics Basingstoke is dedicated to helping anyone learn or improve their calisthenics, whether it’s your first time in a gym or you’re training for a calisthenics competition.

You can do group sessions (and join in a group session membership), or you can do personal training. Group sessions are suitable for everyone from beginner to advanced. PT is either 1-to-1 or small group. If you want to work with the Calisthenics Basingstoke coaches but can’t get to the gym, you can get online coaching and programming from them.

Then there are the workshops which Calisthenics Basingstoke run throughout the year. They host beginners calisthenics workshops, and more specific workshops focusing on skills (like handstands). 

Lastly, you can go along to national meetup sessions, which incorporate workshops, seminars, and a big calisthenics social!


How do you join Calisthenics Basingstoke

The main two ways to be a member at Calisthenics Basingstoke are as a group session member, or as a PT member. Everyone can get a free first session by signing up at the Calisthenics Basingstoke website.


Can I do drop-in sessions at Calisthenics Basingstoke

Yes, all sessions at Calisthenics Basingstoke are available as a pay-as-you-go drop in option too.


How to get to Calisthenics Basingstoke gym

Calisthenics Basingstoke is at Unit 10, Bessemer Road (the Elite Bodyworks facility), just off the Harrow Way and very close to M3/A339. 

In this blog series, we’ll profile great places to train around the world. Got a great calisthenics gym for us to feature? Get in touch and tell us about it.