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How to get fit and strong without a gym

How to get fit and strong without a gym

June 14, 2023 3 min read

How to get fit and strong without a gym

5 reasons to train every day without a gym

Do you need to go to the gym to build muscle, get strong, or be fitter? Can you really improve your health and physique without gym or sports equipment? We should all be able to train how we want, when we want, and where we want. Fitness isn’t defined by the gym!

Training is about more than how you look or how muscular you are. It’s about mastering your body, living as a healthy human, and being able to move as nature intended.


How can you get fit without a gym

It’s easier than you think to reach your fitness goals without a gym membership (after all, how did people get fit or strong before gyms were invented?) The best ways to be train without a gym involve bodyweight training, or using minimal equipment. Functional training tools and calisthenics equipment allow you to train anywhere, any time, on your own terms.


4 ways to train without a gym

Walk, hike or run

Move your body whichever way feels best. Walking, running, jogging, hiking need no specialist equipment (aside from footwear) and can be done anywhere, anytime. And even 10 minutes counts. Add a weighted vest to take things up a notch. 

Bodyweight circuits

Your body is the ultimate training equipment. Use it as a resistance tool by combining squats, lunges, glute bridges, push ups, press ups, pull ups, inverted rows, burpees or down ups, core work and more.

Calisthenics training

Calisthenics is the original training protocol and underpins almost every sport. This style of training lets you master your own bodyweight and train your body through natural ranges of movement. You don’t need much equipment – a set of parallettes, maybe a pull up bar, or gymnastics rings will unlock a world of calisthenics training.

Unconventional/odd object workouts

 Unconventional training with tools like Indian clubs, steel maces, macebells, and kettlebells promotes functional fitness that can be done pretty much anywhere. Can you carry a kettlebell in your car, or keep a couple of macebells at home? There you go – you can do effective functional workouts any time.

What is anywhere any time training?

We believe fitness should be anywhere, any time. Your training shouldn’t be dictated by gym opening hours or access to specialist equipment. Your body is the ultimate training tool, and you don’t need loads of space or tons of time. Short bodyweight, gymnastics or calisthenics workouts every day are an amazing way to train. Micro-bursts of movement during the working day will keep your body moving.

5 benefits of exercising without a gym

Boost your NEAT

NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis) is all the calories we burn from just moving around during the day. And it accounts for the largest percentage of calories we can possibly burn. Increasing NEAT is the easiest and most sustainable way to keep body weight under control.


Grease the groove

The concept of greasing the groove means daily practice of a skill or movement to make it second nature. Install a pull up bar at home and you can do a couple of pull ups every time you get up from your desk.


Beat the sedentary lifestyle 

Stop thinking about workouts as a gym-based activity and start thinking about moving your body as often as you can. You’ll rack up the steps, burn more calories, and offset all the sitting down we do at work and at home.


Get fit on your terms

Ditching the gym for calisthenics or functional fitness puts the power back in your hands. No rules, no timetables, no location. You can train however you want, whenever you can.


Discover new forms of fitness 

Restricting training to the gym takes some of the joy out of it. Bring back a sense of fun and play by seeing what your body is capable of. Set yourself challenges, learn new skills, master your own bodyweight. By detaching fitness from the gym, you’ll gain the freedom to discover new ways to get fit and stay healthy.

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