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­­How To Live Like A Modern Day Spartan

­­How To Live Like A Modern Day Spartan

April 27, 2022 3 min read

­­How To Live Like A Modern Day Spartan

Sparta, located in the Laconian valley of ancient Greece, rose to prominence as the pinnacle of human excellence, strength and achievement. The Spartan soldiers were trained to be strong, disciplined and courageous. The glory of their homeland was considered sacred above all else.

The training for these incredible warriors was called the Agoge and this began when a Spartan child was only seven years old. The Agoge instilled warriors with endurance, strength and solidarity, often by brutal means. But means that proved thoroughly effective.

Spartans were trained to be completely in tune with their surroundings, strategically intelligent and to know that, in spite of any overwhelming odds, their strategy could win the day against any enemy. Nothing proves this like the battle of Thermopylae, in 430 BC - 7,000 Greeks, led by King Leonidas of Sparta, held off a Persian army of around 150,000 men.

To translate ourselves into being modern day Spartans, we can look to strip back our training. We can use multifunctional compound movements, and calisthenics disciplines whilst making using of plyometrics and explosive movements. For our diet, we can make use of a balanced diet, comprising of lots of healthy fruit and veg with a high protein emphasis. We can mentally focus, using mindfulness, breathing techniques and meditation to calm ourselves and quiet our minds to help us take knowledge on board. So let’s break these down a little bit more, to see the best ways to live like a modern day Spartan.

Training – The Spartans had full focus and dedication to complete body mastery. Not only for strength and power, but agility and speed as well. We can adapt our training to focus on these facets too. Calisthenics, functional movements and Plyometrics are key training protocols we can use. Also training bare foot lends itself to high level training, much like the Spartans would have done. Training barefoot allows increased mind to muscle connection, increased adaptation to external factors and balance. We also need to work on our endurance, to be able to hold this strength over longer periods.

(All exercises using 2-1-x-1 tempo to keep explosive power)

Explosive Push Ups x 10-12
Mixed Grip Pull Ups x 10-12
Jump Tuck Squats x 10-12

Repeat x 4 = 1 set = Perform 3 sets. Have micro rest periods between reps if necessary.
2 min rest between sets.

Split Level Push Ups x 10-12
Hollow Hold Pull Ups x 10-12
Step forward Lunge with sandbag rotation x 10-12

Repeat x 4 = 1 set = Perform 3 sets. Have micro rest periods between reps if necessary.
2 min rest between sets.


The training should be focused and simple. Peak doesn’t mean complicated, it means mastery of perfect form and tempo with a maximal range of motion.

Diet – A protein rich diet with plenty of fruit and green veg will keep us fighting fit like the Spartans of old. Aim for between 1.8 – 2g of protein per KG of bodyweight to build the lean muscle to push you further. You don’t have to live like a carnivorous dinosaur either, just fuel your body however works for you in terms of timescale.

Mental Focus & Recovery – Learn to be at one with your body and practice meditation, whatever form that takes for you. Learn to control your breathing through the nose. Practice box breathing, just like the navy SEALs do, to help focus the mind. Try not to focus on material things, or social media. Just keep your mind active and engaged. Keep reading and learning. Take time for you to find your centre. 

Becoming a modern day Spartan will take dedication, habitual practice and time. But if you stick to it, keep consistent and stay strong, you’ll get there. And you’ll end up building yourself up to someone that the Spartans of old would have been proud of!

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