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May 21, 2021 2 min read

What the smallest, lightest, most portable HIIT tool on the market? A jump rope. Here’s how to turn a simple skipping rope into a fat burning fitness building weapon.

Speed rope or jump rope?

Don’t get hung up on what your rope is called. Once you get out of the playground and into the training environment, skipping rope, jump rope, and speed rope are all the same thing.

These types of jump rope have narrow handles and a thin, coated rope that spins as you skip. It’s the type of rope used by boxers for conditioning work and CrossFit athletes for those tricky double unders.

7 benefits of jump rope for HIIT

1) Skipping is easy to pick up and can be done pretty much anywhere
2) You don’t need any fancy kit – just the rope
3) Skipping can be done as a standalone workout or as part of conditioning or HIIT sessions
4) Skipping has a big cardio effect and burns a lot of calories
5) Skipping will also work your calves, glutes, core, and shoulders
6) Jumping rope pairs well with any machine-based, bodyweight, or dumbbell/kettlebell conditioning
7) It’s easy to scale up once you’ve got the hang of basic skipping

Choose a good jump rope

The best ropes for HIIT workouts are light, with weighty handles so you can feel the momentum of the movement. Look for aluminium handles with a ball bearing swivel (so the rope moves well), a coated cable rope, and the option to adjust your rope so it works for your height. One size does not suit all – try a friend’s jump rope to see what we mean!

How to use your jump rope for HIIT

If you’ve ever watched a boxing movie, you’ll know how varied skipping workouts can be. We’re not just talking about single skips here – although that’s a great place to start.

Single skips

Hold your rope by the handles and stand with the rope behind you. Take small jumps and pass the rope under your feet once per jump. You’ll need to keep your jumps small and fast – you should feel this in your calves (and lungs!)

Double unders

Ready to take on the double under challenge? Double unders mean two turns of the rope for every one jump. The secret is slower, higher jumps and faster wrist movement. Imagine bouncing on a trampoline to get the right rhythm.

To get started, aim for a 2-1 patterns of two single unders and one double under.

HIIT-style jump rope workouts

Skipping ropes are such a versatile tool – you can combine them with cardio machines, body weight exercises, or HIIT style movements with a kettlebell, dumbbell, or light barbell.

Here are 3 sample workouts to get you going:

The cardio one:
Row 2000m
Skip 200 singles (or throw in some double unders if you’re working on them)
Bike 4000m

The bodyweight one:
5 rounds of:
30 seconds skipping, 30 seconds air squats
(15 seconds rest)
30 seconds skipping, 30 seconds jump lunges
(15 seconds rest)
30 seconds skipping, 30 seconds down ups
(15 seconds rest)

The conditioning one:

3 rounds of:
50 skips
20 kettlebell swings
50 skips
20 single arm snatch
50 skips
20 single arm push press

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