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Incorporating resistance bands into your workout

Incorporating resistance bands into your workout

June 14, 2017 2 min read

Why you should be incorporating resistance bands into your workout

In the world of fitness, trends come and go but you shouldn’t overlook the humble resistance band. These flexible bands can be used to complement a great range of exercises that are perfect for building up general fitness and incorporating into strength training for an added challenge.

Lightweight and portable, resistance bands can be used whether you’re at your local gym or as you travel to continue routine sessions, meaning you can always keep on top of your training. Usually coded based on colour to show the different levels of resistance, you have plenty of options to choose from and can easily move between the levels to reflect your current strength and the moves that you’re doing.

If you’re still not convinced that you should be incorporating resistance bands into your regular workouts for an effective boost, these six reasons might just change your mind.

Cost effective

We all know that gym equipment and memberships can wind up expensive but resistance bands offer a cost-effective alternative. For little cash, you can purchase a single band with the right amount of resistance for you or even get a set, allowing you to add a touch of variety. If you’re in need of some guidance, some of the more extensive kits even come with a DVD filled with exercises to follow.


The great thing about resistance bands is their adaptability. Whether you want to really push yourself or simply maintain your current fitness levels, this is one piece of equipment that’s suitable for all. With multiple levels of resistance and a huge array of exercises they can be used for, resistance bands are flexible enough to work into a range of routines.

Full body workout

Few pieces of gym equipment are as versatile as a resistance band. A single band can be used for a comprehensive, full-body work out that can challenge almost every muscle group. With relatively simple exercises, you can target a set area or create plan that’ll workout your whole body, giving you added flexibility.

Low impact

Exercises that use resistance bands are low impact and easy on the joints, making them the perfect choice if you’re returning to your routine following an injury or need to minimise risks. You’ll still get a challenge and the benefits of working out.

Up your usual exercises

Resistance bands offer you a simple way to modify and up your usual exercise routines. It’s a simple way to adapt movements that you do frequently, allowing to maximise the benefits of each exercise.

Combine with weights

The versatility of resistance bands doesn’t stop with the exercises they can be used for, they can be used in conjunction with other pieces of equipment too, including free weights. It means that you can reap the benefits of two exercises in half of the time.