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Indian Club Training For Beginners

Indian Club Training For Beginners

April 16, 2021 2 min read

Wondering how to introduce club training to your functional fitness sessions?

Gravity Fitness is dedicated to helping you train in naturally athletic ways that work with your body. Indian Clubs are a perfect example of this philosophy. Here’s why Indian Clubs feel like such an instinctive functional training tool.


What are Indian Clubs?

Today’s Indian Clubs are specifically developed for functional fitness training at home and in the gym. But the history goes back to the 1200s, when clubs used as military weapons started to be used in physical training of warriors and athletes.

The design and “hand feel” of Indian Clubs makes them really easy to use. You’ll find that they move with your body, so you will develop strength and power in a truly functional way.

They’re light, easy to store, and easy to carry – making them a great option for home gyms and outdoor training.


7 benefits of Indian Club training

Great as a warm up – use clubs as a full body warm up before any functional training or resistance training session

Useful mobility tool – great for encouraging greater mobility in your shoulders, upper back, and torso

Build co-ordination – Indian Club movements will develop natural co-ordination throughout your body

Work on shoulder health - swinging the clubs is a gentle way to develop and maintain good shoulder joint health

Build core strength – all club exercises put your torso under rotational force which will build core strength

Develop speed and agility – learn to move the clubs quickly and switch between exercises to sharpen your reflexes

Work on functional strength – Indian Clubs are one of the best ways to build true functional strength that translates into sport and other areas of life


How to use your Indian Clubs

Clubs are a great tool for full body training, muscle gain, conditioning, and mobility.

First up, you need to learn the two basic grip techniques:

Hammer grip: hold the club by the handle, with a straight wrist (your little finger will be on the end of the club).

Sabre grip: extend your arm and point the club straight out as if it’s an extension of your straight arm


Beginner Indian Club exercise: the swing

Indian Club swing

This intro exercise is a staple of all Indian Club workouts. It’s similar to a kettlebell swing, so if you already have the hip hinge and momentum of that down, you’re off to a good start.

The club swing targets the quads, hamstrings, shoulders, core, and forearms and has a good cardio benefit too.

  1. Grip the club in one hand and keep your back straight
  2. Hinge at the hips, send the club between your legs (if using one club) or outside your hips (if using two), keeping the back straight and look ahead. 
  3. Push through the hips and drive the club/s forward and upwards until your body is straight and the clubs have swung out in front.
  4. Let the clubs swing behind you, then repeat the move.


Add Indian Clubs to your gym set up – take a look at our stock here.