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Is calisthenics better than weights for teenagers?

Is calisthenics better than weights for teenagers?

April 04, 2023 3 min read

Is calisthenics better than weights for teenagers?

Why bodyweight calisthenics workouts are perfect for teenagers.

There are so many reasons to get your teens involved in some kind of sport. It’s great for their confidence, body image, physical strength and social network. But what kind of training is best for the young adults in your family? Find out why calisthenics might be the best (and most cost-effective) workout for teenagers.

Is calisthenics safe for young people?

Teenagers often want to start a gym membership so they can do weight training after school or at the weekends. But people worry that strength training will be detrimental to teenage bodies. There’s actually no evidence that weight training “stunts growth” or has any negative impact on teenage bodies. 

Strength training is extremely healthy for teenagers of all ages. It builds muscle tissue, which contributes to good posture and healthy body image. It also helps teenagers build confidence in what their bodies can achieve.

Calisthenics is a form of strength training that doesn’t need barbells, dumbbells or gym machines. It uses bodyweight to build strength, stability and skills that will transfer over into other areas of life.

Calisthenics is one of the oldest forms of training in the world. It’s at the root of many other sports, including gymnastics and martial arts. It’s safe, cheap, and accessible.

Why calisthenics is good for teens

Aside from building strength and physical fitness, calisthenics has a ton of benefits for teenage boys and girls. It’s easy to get into – you need very little equipment to get started. It’s accessible – you don’t need a gym membership, and you can do calisthenics exercises at home or in any sports club. And it’s suitable for all bodies regardless of shape, size, weight or sporting ability.

Calisthenics is the world’s oldest form of training, and where almost every other fitness trend starts from. It uses your own body against gravity to do strength movements and build skills. Calisthenics builds functional strength and lean muscle, helping your teenager become appropriately strong as they grow.

Do teenagers enjoy calisthenics?

Teenagers love calisthenics because it’s pretty easy to learn, cool to do, and can be progressed as far as the individual wants. If a teenager wants to learn advanced movements like planche and human flag, calisthenics will get them there. But if they simply want to be strong and have a bit of muscle, basic calisthenics exercises are absolutely perfect. 

5 reasons teenagers should do calisthenics

1 It’s cheap and accessible, no gym required

2 It’s social and fun, ideal for practicing with friends

3 It builds body confidence and self-awareness

4 It’s a low-impact way to build strength and muscle

5 It’s easy to learn and has no limits in terms of progression

How teenagers can get started with calisthenics

The most basic calisthenics movements – like push ups and bodyweight squats – don’t need any equipment. But it’s useful to have a few basics bits of kit so you can get started with calisthenics. Luckily, good quality calisthenics equipment doesn’t have to cost the earth. Buy it once and it should last a very long time!

Get yourself a pair of gymnastics rings, perhaps a pull up bar or portable rig, and a set of parallettes. You can do 100s of calisthenics movements and routines with just these three bits of calisthenics kit.

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