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Street workout, streetlifting, or calisthenics best for building strength?

Street workout, streetlifting, or calisthenics best for building strength?

June 08, 2023 4 min read

Street workout, streetlifting, or calisthenics best for building strength?

What’s the difference between calisthenics, street workout, and street lifting for getting fit and strong? 

What is street workout?

Street workout is an urban fitness activity that has its roots in calisthenics and bodyweight training. As the name suggests, it originated in outdoor spaces like urban parks and public areas. Street workouts started out in big cities in the United States, Russia, Eastern Europe and Israel. But street workouts are getting popular in most cities, so maybe you’re wondering if you should get involved in street workouts near you?

Street workouts are typically split into two categories – strength training (isometric holds) and dynamics (fluid movements between holds). Common street workout movements include pull ups, push-ups, muscle ups, front and back lever, and human flag.


What is streetlifting?

Street lifting is separate to street workouts, although both sports come from the same foundation of calisthenics. Street lifting is a strength sport that focuses on pure power using weighted calisthenics movements.

The official sport of Street Lifting consists of two movements (pull up/chin up and dip). Some other street lifting competitions include weighted muscle ups. Similar to powerlifting, athletes get 3 attempts at both movements and the goal is to establish a max lift.


What is calisthenics?

If you’re interested in street workout or even street lifting, you probably already know that calisthenics is the OG of them all. Calisthenics is the art of mastering your own bodyweight through gymnastics and strength movements like pull ups, muscle ups, push ups, handstands, and dozens of other movements.

Calisthenics is one of the oldest forms of exercise in the world and has been used by warriors, athletes, and regular people of all ages and backgrounds to get fit, strong, and healthy.


What is the difference between street workout and calisthenics?

Street workout is deeply rooted in calisthenics. The main difference is that street workout has a distinct culture, and has to be done in public spaces (like parks) usually with other people. All street workout movements are originally calisthenics movements. If you choose to do calisthenics rather than street workout, you have the flexibility to train whenever and wherever you want.


Is calisthenics better than street workout?

Calisthenics and street workout are very similar in terms of movements. The only reason calisthenics might be preferable is that it’s more versatile. You don’t need to go to a street workout park or join other street workout fans to do a calisthenics workout. You can do calisthenics at home, in the gym, alone or with others – calisthenics is the ultimate “do anywhere” form of exercise.


Is calisthenics better than streetlifting?

What’s better, lifting weights or calisthenics? That really depends on your training goal. If your primary goal is extreme muscle mass (like a bodybuilder), or performance-based strength (like powerlifting) then you need to lift weights. If you want to achieve an athletic look, build functional strength, and have healthy joints then calisthenics is a great choice.

Calisthenics can be done anywhere, any time, and doesn’t even need any equipment. If you do choose to add equipment to your calisthenics training, it’s light and portable (like parallettes, pull up bar or gymnastics rings). Calisthenics is the most versatile, portable, flexible form of strength training you can do.


Should I do street workout or street lifting?

If you crave the buzz of doing urban style workouts with a group of like-minded people, you may want to choose between street workout or street lifting. The main difference is the weighted aspect. Street workout is based around bodyweight movements. Street lifting is all weighted with the addition of weights and dipping belts. Street lifting also has fewer movements than street workout, which combines a variety of calisthenics movements with flowing transition.


How to choose between street workout, street lifting, and calisthenics

If you don’t know how to choose between street workout, street lighting, and calisthenics, ask yourself these questions: 

Do I want to train in a specific location or do I want to train anywhere, any time?

Is my goal athletic functional fitness or sheer strength?

Do I need to be able to train at home or on the go when I travel?

Am I starting out in bodyweight training?


How to get started with calisthenics 

Get started with calisthenics by investing in a couple of basic high-quality pieces of calisthenics kit like parallettes and a pull up bar or rig. Follow Gravity Fitness for content and step-by-step tutorials on basic, intermediate, and advanced calisthenics moves. And just get stated! The beauty of calisthenics is that it’s suitable for everyone no matter your age, fitness level, strength or training background.


Best calisthenics equipment available

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