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The Portable Pull Up Rack: A Fundamental Piece Of Equipment

The Portable Pull Up Rack: A Fundamental Piece Of Equipment

October 29, 2021 3 min read

The Portable Pull Up Rack: A Fundamental Piece Of Equipment

As COVID 19 began to spread through the global population, home fitness and training equipment prices spiked to record levels. Stock and availability was almost non-existent. I knew going back to, or anywhere near, a gym was going to be impossible.

As a PT, and coach, I knew I eventually wanted to set up a space at home where I could train my clients, and myself. COVID certainly helped me to put that process on the fast track. And I wanted to have equipment that I could potentially take to a training site of a clients choosing.

Enter Gravity Fitness, and more specifically, the portable pull up rack!

I do enjoy embellishment for dramas sake, but the portable pull up rack from Gravity Fitness is, without question, one of the best pieces of fitness equipment I have ever used. Its’ construction is well considered; and the applications are so versatile, that I have cut down my time in a gym massively! Because now I can train full functional strength from home.

The portable pull up rack has massively helped me, and my clients, to achieve their goals. You can use it as a beginner or more advanced athlete, as it’s versatility knows no bounds. For example, beginner athletes can use the portable pull up rack, in a small space, in combination with resistance bands to learn pull ups. And more advanced athletes can use them outdoors for muscle ups. But pull exercises aren’t the only ones you can perform from the portable pull up rack. You can also add push work and squat work too, which I’ll be covering in more depth later on.  

The only restriction you have is height. And by this I mean room height, as well as if you’re a little taller. I have a low ceiling area in my studio, so the portable pull up rack is perfect for that. And in terms of being taller, just a simple bend at the knees from concentric to a leg straightening on eccentric movements helps to mitigate that. I definitely enjoy training on taller bars, but with gym time thrown in, that’s easily achieved. After all, the portable pull up rack is designed to be used on the go and from home, regardless of space or location. So you may need to still keep in those training sessions in at the gym, or calisthenics park.

Now onto the fun stuff; how can you use the portable pull up rack?


Standard configuration: Pull Ups, Skin The Cat, Toes To Bar, etc. (Any exercise that requires height)

Out of the box (or bag I should say) this is the base configuration for the portable pull up rack.


Standard configuration low: Straight Bar Dips, Aussie Rows

This configuration has half of the height removed from the previous configuration. Easy to do just by removing the clips and bars to lower the height.


Standard floor configuration: Press Ups, Neutral Grip Dips

This configuration is the full height standard configuration but laid down on the ground. With the main bars extending up slightly from the floor diagonally.


These are just some of the exercises and configurations that you can achieve with the portable pull up rack. For some more advanced and extra moves, check out the Gravity Fitness Instagram.

And I can’t stress enough that you should go and get yourself a portable pull up rack. I can promise you won’t regret it. Don’t forget to tag us on social media, @gravity.fitness, to show us your new equipment and progress.

by Guy Colville-Joynson for Gravity Fitness