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Why use a  weighted vest...

Why use a weighted vest...

June 08, 2017 2 min read

The 3 workout moves perfect for a weighted vest

The weighted vest might not be a piece of gym equipment that you see as often as others but it’s one that you shouldn’t be overlooking. Used for centuries to boost workouts, it’s an accessible training tool that means you can safely add extra weight to your exercises, helping to push you that bit further. While a weighted vest might be harder to come by than a dumbbell in your local gym, sourcing or investing in one could be just what you need to reach your fitness goals.

Why use a weighted vest?

Donning a weighted vest is a simple way to up the exercise routines you’re already doing. It’s the perfect tool for increasing the number of calories you’re burning each session and building full body muscle. You can effortlessly adjust the extra weight that you’re carrying, making it an adaptable piece of equipment that can suit your needs even as they change.

Another big plus for utilising a weighted vest is the safety aspect. The design means you can up your standard bodyweight without increasing the risk of injury even if you don’t have a gym buddy around. Start light and work your way up to reduce putting too much pressure on your joints. Whether you’re looking to build explosive power, increase the metabolic rewards of basic exercises, or up the challenge of plyometric training, a weighted vest can help you.

The 3 weighted vest strength exercises to try now

1. Squat hold

If you want to work on the strength of your lower body, this is the perfect move to begin with and the extra weight will step up this common exercise. Placing your fingers behind your head and standing in the usual beginning squat position, lower yourself into the squat position. Hold each squat for five seconds before rising and repeating to complete a full set.

2. Overhand pull up

Already mastered the pull up? The weighted vest will provide you with more of a challenge, further working our your lats. Hanging at arms length simply pull yourself up until your chin crosses the bar. Try to control each movement, pausing at the top before lowering yourself down slowly.

3. Plank press up

This exercise will help improve the strength of your arms, shoulders, back, and abs and it’s perfect to do with a weighted vest. Start by getting into the usual press up position, toes on the floor with your hands holding up your body to create a straight line. Rather than lowering your arms as you would in a typical press up you want to lower one arm, and then the other, so that your forearms are resting on the ground. Hold the plank position for a few counts and then return to the press up position.