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Gravity Fitness Portable Pull up Rack with Carry Bag


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Everyone should be able to train how, where and when they want.

We should all be working to master our own bodyweight, no exceptions.

Why choose the Gravity Fitness portable pull up rack

Our famous portable pull up rack is so much more than a pull up bar. Thanks to its clever design, you can use its full height for pull ups and hanging work, rest it onits side for press ups and balance work, or choose the mid height for dips. Youcan even combine it with our wooden gymnastics rings or resistance bands.However you choose to use it, you can trust that it’ll be solid and secure. Andit assembles and packs away again in seconds.

The Gravity app contains workouts, programs and skills session that specifically use our portable pull up rack (although it’s suitable for much more). Get your free30-day trial with any Gravity Fitness purchase or read the app page for more.

3 reasons to use the Gravity Fitness portable pull up rack

- Amazingly versatile use-anywhere design

- Assembles and packs away in seconds

- Dozens of height and bar combinations

Gravity Fitness Portable Pull Up Rack - The most versatile piece of Fitness Equipment on the planet?

Macauley Carruthers puts the Gravity Fitness Portable Pull up Rack through its paces.

Even doing a huge amount of Calisthenics Exercises and even muscle ups on our completely portable lightweight pull up bar!

"Great item, easy assemble and sturdy. I am 85kg and it doesn't flinch. Can rock very slightly but nothing you notice or to be even slightly alarmed by. This will not topple or break. Excellent piece of portable equipment."