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Gravity Fitness 120mm Cannonball Pull Up Grips


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Everyone should be able to train how, where and when they want.

We should all be working to master our own bodyweight, no exceptions.

Why choose Gravity Fitness cannonball grips

These cannonball grips are unlike anything you’ll see in a commercial gym. The round cannonball shape works your hands, wrist and forearms during pulling exercises so you build truly functional strength. Ideal for strength training, calisthenics, rock climbing and bouldering training. Just attach to any bar or rig using the carabiners and straps provided.

3 reasons to use Gravity Fitness cannonball grips

- Secret weapon for advanced pull up training

- Small enough to carry in your gym bag

- Train grip strength, mobility and pull ups

"Trying to hold on to one's balls when attempting one's pull-ups can reduce a man to tears! Destroy one's concept of strength one ball at a time. A simple, yet savage piece of kit!"