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Gravity Fitness "Macebells" Steel Mace 4kg - 12kg


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Everyone should be able to train how, where and when they want.

We should all be working to master our own bodyweight, no exceptions.

Why choose the Gravity Fitness steel mace macebells

Train like a warrior with our distinctive steel mace or macebells. The unique design places all the weight at the end of the handle so your body has to work hard to stabilise as you swing, rotate, and move the mace.

You probably won’t find these in your local gym, so get one for your home workouts (or take one to the gym). With five weight options to choose from, there’s a macebell for every level.

3 reasons to use Gravity Fitness steel mace macebells

- Bring some ancestral warrior vibes to your workouts

- Innovative design for unconventional functional training

- Five weight choices for all levels and goals


A huge variety of Macebell variations using Gravity Fitness Macebells.

"Quick order arrived the next day. Initially brought to help shoulder rehab and to try something different. I like it. Good quality."