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7 bodyweight fitness trends to look out for in 2024

7 bodyweight fitness trends to look out for in 2024

January 09, 2024 3 min read

7 bodyweight fitness trends to look out for in 2024

Calisthenics and bodyweight training tops the charts for training trends in 2024

The ACSM Fitness Trends survey is a great predictor of upcoming trends in training, nutrition, workout styles and even fitness equipment for the coming year. In the 2023 survey, body weight training took the number 3 spot.

At the time of writing, the ACSM 2024 Fitness Trends report wasn’t out yet. So we’ve made our own predictions. Will calisthenics be a top fitness trend for 2024? Which bodyweight training styles will be big trends next year? Let’s look at the top 10 functional fitness trends to look out for in 2024.

Calisthenics the big training trend of 2024

    Calisthenics might be an ancient form of training with its roots in ancient Greece, but it’s definitely having a moment. Calisthenics has been trending upwards since 2009, and hit nearly 650,000 online searches a month in 2023. We predict 2024 will be even bigger and better for calisthenics, with calisthenics gyms, challenges, and outdoor spaces opening up near you. We love to hear it!

     Mindful movement as a training trend in 2024

    Mindfulness is going to step out of the meditation space and merge with movement in 2024. Whether it’s nature walks, cardio, mobility, or functional training – mindfulness will be a hybrid part of workouts. Bodyweight training and mindfulness make an obvious partnership, so we think this trend will boost the popularity of body weight training too.


    Outdoor calisthenics parks to increase in 2024

    Towns and cities around the world are recognising the importance of public fitness spaces that people can use in their own time. We predict a surge in the number of outdoor calisthenics parks in 2024. These will encourage people to have fun and challenge themselves in a community setting, offering an alternative to indoor gym spaces. Would you like to see a calisthenics space near you?

     Sustainable fitness styles in 2024

    The issue of sustainability will continue to dominate manufacturing and our purchasing decisions. This is great news for bodyweight training. Bodyweight workouts need minimal equipment, making them an ultra eco choice.

     Best fitness apps for 2024

    Fitness apps rose in popularity during lockdown and they haven’t slowed down. But what will be the most popular type of fitness app in the new year? We think bodyweight training and calisthenics apps will be massively popular Apps. You can check out the Gravity Calisthenics App Here

     Integrating functional movement in other workouts 

    Functional training gets you strong and fit for everyday movements like lifting, pulling, pushing, and carrying. We think this style of training will rise in popularity in 2024 as more people think about long term health and injury prevention. A big trend for 2024 will be a hybrid approach to training, using bodyweight movements to bring a functional element into other workout goals.

    Social fitness challenges online, in person, and via fitness apps 

    We think 2024 will be the year of fitness communities, as people find their tribe and discover the strength of working out with likeminded people. Challenges, competitions, and pair-style workouts will all feed into this focus on community. Bodyweight training and calisthenics will be at the forefront of this trend, as they are tailormade for creating warm and welcoming communities of passionate people who love to share their skills and experience. 

    What do you think about our predictions for 2024 fitness trends?

    Do you think bodyweight training and calisthenics will be high on the trends lists for fitness goals, training styles, and workouts tends?

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