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  • May 18, 2018 2 min read 1 Comment


    We believe there are plenty of reasons to have a home gym. No membership fees or day passes. 24/7 opening hours. All the kit available, all the time. Your choice of tunes. The list goes on…

    Yet to be convinced? Or perhaps your other half is still dubious about the idea of turning the garage into a training mecca?

    Take a look through this list to decide whether you’re ready for a home gym.

    #1 Enough space?
    You can do a lot with small spaces, but there’s small and then there’s… small. If your proposed home gym space has low ceilings, or not enough space to vertical jump or overhead press, then you might struggle. The space needs to suit your training style and your height. Be realistic – if you won’t be able to use it, it’s a false economy to start with.

    #2 Flooring
    Carpet isn’t great for a home gym. It stains, it can tear or snag on equipment, and it can get stinky. Once your gym kit is in place, you won’t want to replace the flooring. Choose a room that’s got a hard floor (or invest in specialist flooring for your gym).

    #3 Sound proofing
    Unless you live in a very rural area, you’ll need to think about noise. Not just the sweet clanging of barbells – we mean music. It’s unreasonable to expect your neighbours (and your family!) to put up with your Death Metal Playlist twice a week (they don’t care that it’s leg day). Think about sound proofing, especially if you’re home gym is in the house.

    #4 Budget
    Don’t get started on a home gym project without a serious discussion about budget. Treat this like any home renovation project. You’ll need materials, labour, fittings, flooring, lighting, and of course your gym kit. You might need new locks or other security. Go into it with your eyes open.

    #5 Cost savings
    But also consider all the cost savings. Not just gym membership, but fuel costs to and from the gym. Plus all those little extras you used to spend (pre workouts, anyone?) and even gymwear. You can get away with wearing whatever you want in a home gym!

    #6 Motivation levels
    If you get your motivation from the gym environment, think hard about how you’ll get fired up to train at your home gym. Will you need to invite a training partner over? Or will music help you? Can you invest in a favourite bit of kit to keep you motivated? If you have a home gym but never use it, it’s a waste of money.

    #7 Personality type
    Some people thrive on training by themselves in silence with nobody else around. Others need the drive to the gym to get their head together. What type are you? Can you go straight from home (or home office) into the gym? Does your motivation come from within, even with no-one else around? Will you actually train better in a home gym?

    If so – then you’re ready!

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    Home Gym Equipment
    Home Gym Equipment

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