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Do you need a morning ritual to achieve your goals?

Do you need a morning ritual to achieve your goals?

October 10, 2023 4 min read

Do you need a morning ritual to achieve your goals?

The concept of a ‘morning ritual’ has swept social in the past few years, with everyone from athletes to entrepreneurs swearing by their early hours routine. But is it actually necessary? Does every morning have to start with the same routine if you want to reach your goals? And what can you do instead of having a morning ritual?


Why is having a morning ritual so popular?

We can’t be sure, but it feels like the current hype around morning rituals started during lockdown. Which would make sense – routines give us a sense of control and stability which is comforting when everything else is so up in the air. There are a lot of reasons behind the popularity of morning rituals:

Structure – by starting your day with a familiar routine, you get things off to a positive start and are more likely to stick to your plan for the day.

Time saving – a set routine in the morning ensures that important things get done before distractions crowd in to the day.

Productivity – some people feel that by tackling important tasks early, you free up mental energy and time for the rest of the day.

Mental wellbeing - many morning rituals incorporate things like meditation, gratitude journaling, time in nature, or exercise, which are great mental wellness tools. 

Physical health – morning rituals often include healthy things like drinking water, getting some steps in, eating a healthy breakfast, which are all great for physical health and may encourage you to make healthier choices during the day.


What are the pros and cons of having a morning ritual?

So those are some of the plus sides to having a morning ritual in place. But what about the downsides? Are there any? And if so, why isn’t anyone really talking about this?

We’re big fans of balance here at Gravity Fitness, and we think that the truth is usually found somewhere in the middle of any debate. The same goes for morning rituals. Once a morning ritual becomes too rigid, inflexible, or simply stops working for you, it’s no longer a benefit. And if you start to rely on it too much, it’s a crutch.

Rigid routines – if your morning ritual is inflexible and can’t soften to cope with changes in environment, location, partnerships, or lifestyle then it’s no longer a benefit.

Peer pressure – if you’re feeling the pressure to adopt a specific morning routine, or you think one element of your routine is actually stressful to you, don’t do it.

Sleep/stress – a morning routine is meant to make life easier and help you start the day feeling calm and focused. If you’re trying to get too much done by cramming lots into a morning routine, it could have the opposite effect.


How to put together a morning ritual that works for you

Most people could benefit from some kind of morning structure, whether you want to call it a ritual or a routine. Here’s how to create one that works for you (and can flex as your situation changes).

Identify your priorities

What's most important for you in the morning. Is it exercise, journalling, getting outside, meditation, goal setting, or simply a slow and calm start to the day?


Keep it simple 

Don’t try to cram your ritual with every trending wellness topic under the sun. Pick 2- things that work for your priorities, do them for a few weeks, and adapt or add to them if necessary.


Make it sustainable

Just like your training and nutrition, your morning routine needs to work for you wherever you are. Will these little morning habits work on holiday, on Christmas Day, or on the busiest day of your working week?


Be flexible

Have a basic, plan B version of your morning routine which you can achieve in 3 minutes even in the middle of the apocalypse.


Adapt as necessary

From time to time, assess your morning ritual. Is it still hitting the spot? Do you still need and enjoy it? Does anything need to go – or be added?


How to cope without having a morning ritual

If all of this morning ritual stuff sounds ridiculous to you, no worries. You don’t need one. Instead, do what comes naturally, which might include setting daily goals or priorities, using to-do lists, taking short breaks during the day to move about, and getting enough sleep.


Are morning rituals just a fad?

 When it comes to nutrition, training, and wellness in general, there’s no one size fits all. You have to find tools that help you look after yourself in a way that works for you. It’s the same with morning rituals. Some people will thrive on them, others will find them restrictive or unnecessary. As long as you’re starting your day in a way that feels physically and emotionally healthy (rather than letting external pressures of life dictate what you do and how you feel), you crack on. 

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