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November 24, 2021 4 min read

Fitness is about more than the gym, it’s a life habit

The health & fitness industry is growing more and more every day, having more of an impact on us and our lives, as well as across social media. But what does this boom mean in terms of a definition of our own fitness? How can we make the most of fitness ourselves? And what style might be right for us?

Well, as our digital world has evolved, work and life have become more sedentary. And to combat (the negative side of) that we need to keep active and improve our fitness. We can do that through a variety of means, whether it’s dedicated resistance or strength training, cardiovascular training, engaging in a sport, or just a walk round the park or walking to and from work.

Being fit doesn’t mean being in the gym all the time. It’s more about maintaining a healthy lifestyle with enough activity to counteract a less physically demanding lifestyle. We, as a species, are completely outside of the food chain, and we no longer have to escape predators or meet enemies at the point of a spear. The closest thing we have, at the moment, as a flight or fight response is to angry emails! Not to say that life isn’t much, much better now, with science and modern technology, we are making new and incredible discoveries, and saving lives every day.

Health & fitness are becoming more like corporate buzzwords with which companies can promote a lifestyle by buying their products. However the fundamentals of fitness are much simpler than that, as you might imagine.

With the COVID pandemic, people engaging in fitness from home skyrocketed, whether through PT work online, building a workout environment at home or simply doing a Joe Wicks workout. For many of us working from home, not only did alleviate boredom but also kept us moving. I’m glad this has stuck around because it means we, as a whole, are more engaged in health and fitness. There’s something out there for everyone, outside of the gym environment. That environment can be scary and daunting for many people, and because of that, they shouldn’t have to miss out on access to fitness and training. There are more options than ever out there so you’ll be able to find something that’s right for you.

Simply having an active hobby, is another way to keep fit and healthy, whether it’s a team sport, or a run club, or whatever other activity you can think of. It’s also a great way of spending time with your friends and other people. I’d always recommend getting involved in something in your local area, if you can. Even if it’s an online class – the circumstances don’t matter, the outcome is still the same. It’s a sure fire way to meet new people and explore new things. Remember to enjoy the journey, and you’ll have more fun when you reach the destination. Having a more active and healthy lifestyle will help provide benefits into old age as well as helping to avoid injuries. It will also encourage you to travel – visiting places and seeing sights you never thought you would see.

I’ve always found exercise to be meditative, and when I started I knew I was getting into fitness for the wrong reasons, but by learning and expanding ourselves, we evolve. And the same definitely goes for fitness. By no means do you have to turn around and become a professional athlete, or as ripped as Chris Hemsworth to keep fit. Remember that professional actors and athletes are training every day, more often that not, multiple times a day. So make sure to avoid the pitfalls of comparing your health and fitness journey to others’. So whilst they can be a source of inspiration, try not to make too many comparisons. Everyone is unique and different and therefore their journeys will be as well.

So to make the most of your fitness, if you work at a desk a lot, extra walking is a great way of improving fitness, maybe for your commute or on your lunchbreak. Taking up Yoga is also a great way of keeping your muscles active and using a complete range of motion. Stretching out the worries of the day, is a great way to keep fit. If you’re a social butterfly, find a local team sport or club you can get involved in. If you’re stuck at home, try and find some options online. The variety is so much bigger now for online fitness than it was 18 months ago! The gym is still a great option for keeping up with health and fitness, but by no means is it the only one. You can build a gym for training you enjoy at home. And Gravity Fitness have a range of tools to help you do that, and get started with calisthenics and bodyweight training too, if that’s your bag.

So if you want to get started with having a more healthy and active lifestyle, get out there and take a leap! You never know what you might discover!

by Guy Joynson for Gravity Fitness

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