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Healthy Alternative Methods For Longevity

Healthy Alternative Methods For Longevity

May 11, 2022 4 min read

Healthy Alternative Methods For Longevity

We, as human beings, are always looking for ways to make our lifestyles more productive, and to be more healthy (physically, mentally and emotionally). And, with more access to science (which has improved our understanding of our bodies), more alternative treatments and more data to access, the human body has never been so understood. But are there some simple alternative methods we can use to enrich our daily lives and keep us functioning in the best possible way? And the answer is yes, there are some tips and tricks we can use that don’t involve crazy hyperbaric chambers!

Cold Water Immersion + temperature changes

Cold water immersion is a fantastic way to keep us healthy. It helps our muscles recover, reducing DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) after exercise. It helps circulation, flush waste products from the body and can help to increase metabolic rate. Putting our bodies through more temperature extremes helps keeps our system functioning optimally, whether cold water immersion, or a sauna, for example. Both effectively fire up the bodies’ systems to help us regulate ourselves and ‘shock the system’. 


Fasting can be a great way to manage our food intake, particularly if you have an odd routine. The principal of fasting basically means you only take in calories in a certain timeframe during the day. Normally this means you take on less calories, making it easier to lose weight, but it’s not some kind of miracle, despite what some may tell you. To lose weight you HAVE to be in a caloric deficit, and that’s it. Sometimes, depending on context, fasting helps with that. There are now apps out there so you can track your circadian rhythms and fast appropriately, but again, always listen to your body. And don’t attempt anything too drastic too quickly. I, for example, prefer to have my first meal later in the day, and my last meal fairly early because I don’t like training in the mornings with a full stomach. And it suits my routine of keeping my energy up at times when I have the most work or more clients. So be careful, don’t listen to any crazy zealots out there, but just do what works for you and your body. 

Taking care of our gut

Keeping your gut healthy is often overlooked as a standard, but it helps regulate so much of the body, including hormone production, organ regulation and brain function. The guut is often referred to as ‘the second brain’, so we should be doing all we can to keep it healthy. Anything that can reduce inflammation provides a happy healthy gut. I enjoy a Tumeric Latte on occasion, and Turmeric is a great anti-inflammatory. Probiotics keep the gut bacteria nice and healthy, and with a healthier gut comes healthier skin too. 

Being sociable and enjoying our hobbies

Being sociable and active helps our mental and physical health. And this is also emotionally enriching. This may seem like a straightforward and obvious one, but with increased positivity and emotional health we can potentially live longer. This in turn will alleviate stress and help us find new purpose, hobbies and meet new people.

Getting a good nights sleep

Sleep is key to recovery and bodily function. A good nights sleep can work wonders for any physical, emotional or mental blocks. People cannot change whether they are early risers or night owls, but getting a good 7-9 hours should work wonders. Poor sleep can lead to health complications in the long run, so make sure you get plenty of rest to keep your longevity.

Analysing your DNA

For those with a scientific disposition, you can have your DNA mapped to show you common traits, to really analyse how your body is made up, what your genetic markers may point towards in later life and appropriate micronutrient supplementation. This is definitely a more expensive option, and again, make sure you do your research on companies that are offering this service. But this really could be the future of personalised medicine in the future.

Boosting Your Mitochondria

Simply put, Mitochondria are key to the make up of your cells and producing ATP (energy). If you keep your Mitochondria happy, you’ll have more energy. Appropriate supplementation, a good diet and exercise will go a long way to keep your Mitochondria happier and healthier, for longer. A good supply of Zinc, Omega-3’s and Magnesium can help here, as well as more intensive training methods, such as HIIT, keeping you firing on all cylinders.

FYI: Urban Myth: Blue Light

The urban myth of blue light being significantly damaging to health has been around for a long time now. There has not been any proven research or science behind it. More blue light is emitted from the sun, than from any electronic devices. Is using less electronic devices, especially before bedtime, a good thing? Absolutely. Because it gets us out and about and taking in some fresh air, and can help us not overstimulate our brains before sleeping. But that has nothing to do with any blue light transmission. Blue light is a part of the UV spectrum, which is consistently all around us as a part of the visible light spectrum. The UK chemist Boots was sued because they were claiming that blue light can damage retinal cells, and there wasn’t and still is not, any evidence to prove that. Just a little fun fact for you!