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How To Set Meaningful Goals For 2021

How To Set Meaningful Goals For 2021

December 16, 2020 2 min read
2021 feels like a fresh start. What does this mean for your fitness goals? It’s time to get goal setting - there will never be a New Year like 2021!

Let’s be honest, we’re glad to see the back of 2020. Who knows what’s in store (we’ve stopped trying to guess…) But one thing is for sure: 2021 feels like a blank slate. What will you achieve in the New Year?

Why set goals?

Goal setting at New Year can seem a bit trite and overdone. But there’s a reason we gravitate back to it every year. It works.

Without setting clear goals, you might make progress, and you may even reach your target. But it’s not likely. After all, you won’t have a roadmap.

Classic “goal setting” focuses your mind, keeps you accountable, and helps you plan your strategy.

A better approach to goal setting

As you set your 2021 goals, try the GROW method which was developed by business coaches and is used by entrepreneurs, sports teams, and coaches all over the world.

GROW turns goal setting into a plan with a start point, a journey, and a clear destination. It looks at barriers and opportunities, different routes, and a timescale.

GROW stands for goal, reality, options/obstacles, and will/way forward.


What is your goal?
When do you want to achieve it by?
How will you measure success?
What will achieving this goal mean to you?


Where are you now?
What barriers might you come across?
What is within your control?
Does your goal conflict with anything in your life?


What is the first step you could take?
What would you do next after that?
What would your closest friend suggest you do first?
Way forward:

What feels like the best plan?
What will be your first step?
What barriers could you face?
What can you do to remove or reduce it?
When will you start?
How will you stay motivated and accountable?

As you can see, the GROW method of setting goals goes a lot deeper than scribbling a vague goal on a sticky note and putting it on your fridge. Take some time this festive break to go through the questions. Set yourself up for success in 2021.

The Gravity Fitness team’s goals

Want to know what we’ve got planned?

1 To double Gravity’s product range before the end of 2021 (and for everything to go well for the birth of our first baby in February!) – Rich @gravity.fitness
2 To master a one-hand handstand (I’m determined to unlock it!) - Macauley @kaoticmovement
3 Middle and front splits, full Maltese planche on rings, and a two-finger one-arm pull up! - Riki @rix.official
4 One-arm handstand….and the weighted triceps dip World Record! – Tori @_tbeau
5 To get front and middle splits and bridge walk overs – Joe @functionalmover
6 Inverted muscle up to handstand on rings, box splits, backflip, and full planche at 8 seconds - Jase @jases.status

Let us know what your 2021 goal is by tagging @gravity.fitness