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  • June 29, 2022 3 min read

    Mindset Advice From Modern-Day Fitness Warriors

    Develop your fitness philosophy with help from the best-known modern wellness gurus

    We’re big fans of Stoic thinking here at Gravity Fitness (have you read our blog about living a modern Stoic lifestyle?) 

    But can we look up to in today’s fitness and wellbeing sphere? Here’s a collection of wisdom from Wim Hof, Ross Edgley and other famous names that might inspire you to create your own wellbeing philosophy.


    Wim Hof

    You’ve definitely heard of him and you might even have seen him on the TV recently. Wim Hof – aka The Iceman – is an extreme athlete known for his adventures in snow, ice, and cold water. Wim Hof’s philosophy focuses on controlling your body and mind through breathing techniques, mediation, and extreme cold temperatures.


    Famous Wim Hof quotes

    “If we always choose comfort we never learn the deepest capabilities of our mind or body”

    “Be decisive and physically prepared to do your best. After that, little by little, you will see progress”

    “Once you realise that there are no limits in your mind or boundaries to what is possible, you can change”

    “Make it simple for yourself by calming your mind from anger, understanding what makes you sad, and replicating the experiences that make you happy”

    “There is more than meets the eye, and unless you are willing to experience new things, you’ll never realise your potential”


    Ross Edgley

    Ross Edgley is a UK adventurer and extreme athlete who has several world records, including being the first person to swim all the way around Great Britain. Ross’s positivity and enthusiasm are inspiring, and his philosophy blends science with self-awareness.


    Famous Ross Edgley quotes

    “Fast can be fragile, and slow can be strong”

    “How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?” 

    “The chief task in life is simply this: to identify and separate matters so that I can say clearly to myself which are externals not under my control, and which have to do with the choices I actually control”

    “Fatigue is merely an emotional expression of the subjective symptoms that develop as these subconscious controls wage a fierce battle with the conscious mind to ensure that the conscious ultimately submits to the superior will of the subconscious”


    Ben Greenfield

    One of the leading voices in biohacking, Ben Greenfield is a nutritionist and physiologist who pushes the boundaries of human biology and “spiritual fitness” to see how healthy we can become.


    Famous Ben Greenfield quotes 

    “Stress is stress - no matter whether it's from exercise or from lifestyle - and the more stress you're placing on yourself from your lifestyle, the less stress you'll be able to place on yourself from exercise” 

    “You have to leave behind the exhausting pursuit of exercise for the sake of exercise and discover the beautiful balance between health and performance”

    “By complaining that something we have to do is too hard, we add another layer of difficulty. Take a deep breath and then just do it”

    “Is your tombstone or obituary simply going to say “This Person Was Really Good At Exercising”?”


    Dave Asprey

    One of the more divisive figures in modern day wellness, Dave Asprey is a biohacker and author who developed the “bulletproof” lifestyle philosophy, which sets out to optimise wellbeing and even slow down ageing.


    Famous Dave Asprey quotes

    “Less stress equals less ageing”

    “Mastering your sleep is an important way to eliminate some of the cuts that are ageing you and take control of your biology.”

    “Don’t make yourself crazy about getting it perfect all the time - stress like that makes you old. Just aim to get it mostly right at home, and you’ll be so far ahead of the curve that you’ll feel it.”

    “I have learned to prioritize my actions into three buckets: things that drain my energy, things I don’t mind and are important and useful, and things that give me energy and bring me joy. My goal is to break my daily actions down so that I spend none of my time on tasks that fall into the first category, 10% of my time on the second category, and 90% of my time in the final category" 


    Who are your favourite modern-day fitness philosophers? What are your favourite quotes? We’d love to know – share with us on socials

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