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7 Exercises To Master Using Your Portable Pull Up Rack

7 Exercises To Master Using Your Portable Pull Up Rack

October 28, 2020 3 min read
Our Portable Pull Up Rack has been a best-seller since the day we launched it. No surprise: this bodyweight and pull up rack was designed by calisthenics and bodyweight training experts so you could have a truly elite-level piece of functional training kit at home. It assembles in minute (no screws or bolts needed) and can be stored away or taken with you in its carry bag.

The Portable Pull Up Rack is popular with calisthenics athletes, CrossFitters, and people who want to train gymnastics, strength, functional movements, or street workouts.

Hopefully it’s pretty obvious that you can do pull ups and pull up variations on this awesome rack. But what else? By adjusting the height and position of your portable pull up rack, you can do a massive variety of bodyweight and gymnastics type moves.

Here are 7 of the best exercises you can do with your Gravity Fitness Portable Pull Up Rack

DIPS (chest, shoulders, triceps)
Shorten the height of the portable pull up bar and rest it on its larger footprint. Use the top of the vertical supports to perform dips to target your chest, front delts, and triceps.

PUSH UPS (chest, shoulders, triceps)
Regular bodyweight push ups are fine, but you can take this simple exercise to another level using your pull up bar. Tip it to its lowest setting and use the bar to do numerous push up variations with different grips.

PRONATED ROWS (back, biceps)
Tip your portable pull up rack so it’s resting on the bottom and top bars, and the vertical bars are now at an angle. Lie underneath the rack and perform rows either using the long bars (with a neutral grip - hands facing each other) or using the bar which will be inn front of your face (using a supinated or pronated grip).

TOES TO BAR (back, core)
There are dozens of core exercises you can do on our portable pull up bar, but toes to bar is a great one to add to your routine. Start from a dead hang and practice your kipping movement, then add a slight pull with the lats as you bring your toes to the bar.

Train strength by holding yourself in an L-sit position, either in a dead hang with the rack set high, or with your arms locked out when the rack is on a lower setting. The hanging version will work your lats and hips (as well as your core) and the second version will target your chest and triceps.

BAR MUSCLE UPS (upper body, core)
Master one of bodyweight training’s most challenging exercises on your portable pull up rack. Set it to its highest (upright) setting and kip, swing, pull, and press your way to a muscle up. Not sure how to get your first muscle up? We’ve written a guide – read more here.

PLANCHE TRAINING (full body, core)
Planche training is tricky, but you’ll get better with more practice – your home pull up bar is the ideal way to improve. Set the portable pull up bar to a low height and progress through the stages of mastering a planche. Not sure how? We’ve written about that too – read more here.

The features you’ll love

• Designed by calisthenics and functional fitness athletes
• Lightweight but sturdy and reliable
• Easy to assemble (no tools needed)
• Easy to take down and store away
• Fully portable and comes with a carry bag
• Powder coated for a good grip
• Maximum user weight 110kgs

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