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Great places to train - Kalos Sthenos Republic calisthenics gym, London

Great places to train - Kalos Sthenos Republic calisthenics gym, London

January 03, 2024 3 min read

Great places to train - Kalos Sthenos Republic calisthenics gym, London

Looking for a great calisthenics gym in London? Here’s why we love Kalos Sthenos Republic in London E14.

In this blog series, we’ll introduce you to great places to train around the world. That way, if you’re looking for a new gym to join (or if you’re travelling), you’ll be able to tap into a network of amazing calisthenics and bodyweight-focused training spaces.


Kalos Sthenos Republic calisthenics gym in East India Dock, London

Kalos Sthenos is Greek for "Beautiful Strength" and it’s where we get the term calisthenics from. So it won’t surprise you to hear that London’s Kalos Sthenos Republic is a gym space dedicated to calisthenics and street workout style of training.

Kalos Sthenos Republic gym is situated within Parkour Generations London – the London HQ of Parkour Generations professional parkour organisation. It’s an amazing space, buzzing with atmosphere and full of people who love bodyweight training in all its forms.

You can find out more on the Kalos Sthenos Instagram page


Why we love Kalos Sthenos Republic calisthenics gym London

As soon as you arrive at the space you know you’ve entered a world where people are passionate about calisthenics, parkour, street workout and generally having fun with bodyweight mastery. The atmosphere is motivating and you feel inspired to push yourself further.

But it’s not just the atmosphere we love about Kalos Sthenos Republic. Everything about this space has been designed to help you get an amazing training session. There’s tons of natural light and plenty of open space to train freely. The décor and design are so cool, this space has been used for fitness shoots by Under Armour and Men’s Fitness magazine.

The space is a key part of the calisthenics movement, too – hosting BodyStrong UK 1RM competitions sponsored by Gravity Fitness

Then there’s the kit. Kalos Sthenos partnered with Gravity Fitness on its kit, so you’ll find every bit of calisthenics kit you could possibly need here, including an amazing Kenguru Calisthenics Rig.


What kit and facilities does Kalos Sthenos Republic gym London have 

Kalos Sthenos Republic is within Parkour Generations London, so you’ll have access to a ton of kit including that Kenguru Calisthenics Rig. There’s also squat racks, Olympic barbells and a hex bar, kettlebells, free weights, gymnastics rings, wall balls, ladders, weight belts, resistance bands, and mobility tools. Plenty to keep you occupied whether you’re a calisthenics beginner or an elite athlete preparing for a competition.

Can you get coaching at Kalos Sthenos Republic calisthenics gym? 

Yes, you can get calisthenics coaching at Kalos Sthenos in London. The space is run by calisthenics athlete and international judge Lee Wade Turner who has years of experience in the calisthenics movement.

As well as calisthenics, Lee and his team coach mobility and flexibility, and the Athletic Truth Group system (ATG) which focuses on building strength and conditioning to keep you injury-free.


How do you join Kalos Sthenos calisthenics gym?

There are a variety of memberships and class packs on offer, and if you sign up via the Parkour Generations app you’ll get a free trial session.  Kalos Sthenos gym runs up to four sessions a day and caters for advanced, intermediate and beginner levels


What kind of training can you do at Kalos Sthenos Republic gym London

Kalos Sthenos gym itself is the place to go for calisthenics work, but the wider space caters for parkour, acrobatics, weightlifting and mobility work.


How to get to Kalos Sthenos Republic calisthenics gym London

Kalos Sthenos Republic calisthenics gym is on the same site as the Parkour Generations London facility. It’s in London E14, between Blackwall and East India DLR stops and close to the O2 Arena in Greenwich.

Got a great calisthenics gym for us to feature? Get in touch and tell us about it.