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Top 10 Christmas gifts for the calisthenics athlete in your life

Top 10 Christmas gifts for the calisthenics athlete in your life

December 09, 2022 3 min read

Top 10 Christmas gifts for the calisthenics athlete in your life

Need to buy a Christmas gift for calisthenics workouts at home or the gym? We’ve got your budget covered.

What do calisthenics athletes want for Christmas?

If your partner, son, daughter or secret Santa person is into calisthenics, chances are you have no idea what to get them for Christmas. What is calisthenics, anyway? (Hint: it’s a form of fitness training that uses full body movements and minimal equipment, to build all over strength.) 

We’re here to be your one-stop shop for Christmas ideas for the calisthenics fan in your life. Keep reading to find ideas for small budgets, stocking gifts, or big show-stopping gifts that will make this a Christmas to remember.

What to buy someone who likes calisthenics?

 Calisthenics is a form of fitness training that involves using your bodyweight as resistance. We’re talking about things like pull ups, push ups, L-sits and planche. Unlike some sports or fitness training styles, calisthenics doesn’t use much equipment. Which is good news if you’re the one buying the gifts, but it does mean you need to get it right! Let’s start at the bottom end of the budget scale. 

Calisthenics training gifts under £15

 These calisthenics gifts are ideal for a secret Santa, a stocking stuffer, or a small extra gift for someone special. 

Grip tape £5.99 – calisthenics athletes will tape up their hands and thumbs to protect the skin when doing things like pull ups. A roll of quality grip tape will always go down a storm. 

Skipping rope £12.95 – people who do calisthenics usually do some form of skipping to work on their cardio. A really good jump rope is an amazing present and will show that you’ve really understood what they need.

Mid-range calisthenics Christmas gifts

Let’s say you’ve got £15-£40 to spend on your calisthenics-loving friend. There’s a real range of things you could buy, and we’ll talk you through the ones that will go down best.

Gymnastics grips £24.95 – calisthenics athletes spend a lot of time doing exercises on a rig or pull up bar, which can take its toll on their hands. This style of gymnastics grips protects the hands and helps the athlete actually get a better grip, so they’ll be able to make faster progress in training. You’ll be popular!

Wooden gymnastics rings £34.95 – gymnastics rings are a great gift, and wooden ones are much better than plastic. Your loved one will be able to use these at home or put them in their gym bag to use in the gym.

Door pull up bar £34.95 – allow your loved one to transform any door in the home into a pull up station with our sturdy, top quality pull up bar. No screws needed, so no damage to the woodwork (and they can get started right after Christmas lunch!)

Steel Indian clubs from £39.95 – any calisthenics fan would be impressed to receive an Indian club or steel mace. These weighted clubs are a fantastic way to build strength and functional fitness which is exactly what every calisthenic fan hankers after.

 Show-stopping calisthenics Christmas gifts

 A pair of parallettes from £54.95 – parallettes are a key item of calisthenics training kit, used for L-sits, push ups, handstands, planche and more. Every calisthenics athlete will want a pair. We stock two sizes.

Weighted vest £99.95 – a weighted vest will make an impressive (and impressively heavy!) gift under the tree. Calisthenics athletes use weighted vests to make certain exercises harder, or to add weight for their cardio sessions. It will last a lifetime.

Portable pull up rack £129.95 – get them the gift of a lifetime with our famous portable pull up rack and carry bag. The rack fits together easily and lends itself to a huge number of calisthenics exercises so your loved one can train at home or anywhere they like.

 Best calisthenics training fitness gifts UK

Gravity Fitness is a UK brand that’s dedicated to providing top-quality equipment for calisthenics and functional training. The whole team trains, so we truly understand what calisthenics athletes want and need.

 You can find everything mentioned in this article in our online store (and lots more!) and you can get £5 off your first order if you sign up to our newsletter.