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Embracing the warrior within

Embracing the warrior within

October 25, 2021 3 min read

Embracing the warrior within

When people use the word warrior it brings plenty of connotations to mind; Strength, courage, bravery, defiance, leadership, etc. These are just some of the powerful qualities that a warrior is supposed to have. But how does this translate to you finding your inner warrior? How do you live that lifestyle? And how can it affect and improve your training?

Well, really it comes down to being the best version of yourself, according to how you want to live your life. And in turn you become the strongest version, the most resilient version and the version of yourself that is content with following a purpose or a goal that they believe in. 

By creating a ritual, instilling habits, or just training regularly; that’s where you can start your journey down the path of the warrior. Any warrior’s journey is a commitment to the mental before the physical work can begin. The preparation phase, if you like. And from then on, determination and repetition are key. As then you settle into a rhythm, or a routine, you will most likely find solace and peace of mind in that.

When people think of a warrior, they think of strength and practice. So, it becomes very easy to translate this directly into your training, but often this hurdle seems insurmountable to overcome when you’re bombarded, across social media or just media in general, with people seemingly taking to some of the goals you have with ease. People often forget about the mental resilience and discipline you need as well. Not to mention that, more often than not, the people you see in the media are working on these goals full time. You need to block out all the noise and look within; if you’re struggling, make sure you take the time and energy to really focus on yourself. This can be hard to do, but it really is worth the time, and the rewards will benefit you across all aspects of life, not just your training.

What people often overlook is that training doesn’t need to be strong and maximal from the get go. Make sure you embrace the fundamentals, make sure to practice exercises, and execute them with full accuracy and complete function before you move onwards and upwards. After all a journey begins with a single step (apologies for the cliché).  After all, in Yoga there are several versions of the warrior pose. Do these need strength and power? No, they need practice, knowledge of one’s body, patience and flexibility to master. Remember strength isn’t just physical. 

When it comes to individual exercise practice, and embracing the warrior mentality, I find it very helpful to visualise myself performing an exercise in my mind’s eye first. Picturing an exercise, even saying any cues aloud, and making sure I focus on which musculature will be working and how my form should be through the whole movement.  

To make the most of your inner warrior I’d start with the following; repetition, inner focus, dedication and mastery. Because regardless of training level or what you are trying to achieve, these three facets will take you wherever you need to go. Repeating movements over and over again will not only create habitual behaviour but also ensure you master form. Inner focus helps block out any excess noise, and enables you to take time to focus on yourself. Dedication isn’t always easy, life finds a way of throwing something in your path. But, just remember, you can always be flexible and adapt - even though it can be frustrating at times. And with mastery, when you begin to reach those more advanced goals and techniques, the personal satisfaction and reward enable to push on to the next stage of your warriors’ journey.

Another thing to bear in mind on a warriors’ journey; warriors learn from other great masters. Asking for help and guidance should never be construed as weakness. Instead it shows maturity and self-knowledge. There are others, outside of your sphere, that can help you achieve what you want to. As a trainer and coach myself, I work with another coach who teaches me; this not only helps me learn and develop personally, but enables me to create and impart new techniques, learning structures and points of view when I train my own clients. I would definitely encourage you to seek out a coach to help you learn and grow, whatever your goals might be. Make sure you do your research and find a coach that’s right for you and your training goals.

Having the coaching and fundamentals in place, you also need to have the right equipment. Gravity Fitness have plenty of options, whatever your goals might be so head over to the store and start embracing the warrior within! 

by Guy Joynson for Gravity Fitness